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Planning and Design Tools for Construction Projects
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ADA Resources


Accessibility and MnDOT


Approved/Qualified Products List


Approved MBW Reinforcement, RSS Geosynthetic Reinforcement, and more


Approved products and certified products and sources for acceptance on MnDOT and Federal-aid projects



Biking and Pedestrian Resources







Bridge Resources Related to Design


Bridge Construction Manual


LRFD Bridge Design and Bridge Details Parts I & II Manuals, Guidelines, Reports


State Aid Bridge Handbook



Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD)


CADD Data Standards, MnDOT


CADD Standards, Bridge


GEOPAK – MnDOT design software



Context Sensitive Solutions


MnDOT with Center for Transportation Studies working for Context-Sensitive Design


Minnesota is one of five pilot states implementing Context-Sensitive Design


Design Policy - "Design Excellence Through Context Sensitive Design" - Tech Memo



Cost Participation Policy


Cost Participation for Cooperative Construction Projects and Maintenance Responsibilities between MnDOT and Local Units of Government



Design Build Projects & Resources





Design Manual


Road Design Manual


Traffic Engineering Design Manuals



Design Practices & Procedures


Design Scene, MnDOT


Geometric Design & Layout Development


Design tools for ADA and accessibility



Design Specifications


Standard Specifications for Construction


Special Provisions for Spec Book 2005, MnDOT


Special Provisions, Bridge



Environmental Resources Related to Design


MnDOT Project and Process Guidance, HPDP handbook


Metro Visual Imaging, MnDOT Visualization Services


Plant Selector program for roadside planting, ...


Erosion & Sediment Control specialist training manual, research, .


Mn/Model Statewide Archaeological Predictive Model





Bridge Scour Evaluation Procedures (Internal link for MnDOT employees)


Mn/Dot Metro District Stormwater Program


MnDOT Drainage Manual


MnDOT Culvert & Storm Drain Inspection Database Program (HydInfra)


MnDOT Culvert & Storm Drain Inspection Database Program (HydInfra) (Internal link for MnDOT employees) http://ihub/bridge/hydraulics/hydinfra/index.html



Pavement Design


Pavement Design



Project Development Guidance


MnDOT Project and Process Guidance, HPDP handbook



Quality Resources Related to Design


State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)



Research (Design Specific)


Research, test, and deploy advanced transportation technology


Office of Research Services acquires, creates, and shares transportation knowledge


Transportation research at U of M in conjunction with MnDOT



Rest Areas, Travel Information Centers & Waysides


Safety Rest Areas and Waysides


Historic Roadside Development Structures on Minnesota Trunk Highways


Scenic Byways



Right-of-Way Resources, Manuals, etc.


Right of Way Resources



Standard Drawings


Sample Plan, Metro


Standard Plan Sheets, MnDOT


Standards Plates, MnDOT



State Aid for Local Transportation


State Aid for Local Transportation



Technical Memorandums


Technical Memorandums, Environmental


Technical Memorandums, MnDOT


Technical Memorandums, State Aid



Traffic Engineering Publications & Resources


Traffic Engineering Publications & Resources



Traffic Lighting & Signals


MnDOT Traffic Publications, Signals & Lighting, and more...


Metro Traffic Signals & Lighting, Traffic Control, Traffic Studies



Utilities Resources, Manual, etc.


Utilities Resources, Manual, etc.