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Bridge construction

Regional Bridge construction personnel by district. See table below for details.
Minnesota Regional Bridge Construction Engineers map; View full-size map
Construction role Name Office Mobile Email
Construction and Maintenance
Oversight of Bridge Construction, Fabrication, Load Ratings and FC Inspection
Andrew Lawver 651-366-4507 507-380-1705 andrew.lawver@state.mn.us
Bridge Construction Unit Manager
Bridge Construction Unit Leader and Assist with Metro Construction Support
Paul Pilarski 651-366-4562 651-485-3167 paul.pilarski@state.mn.us
Metro Bridge Construction Engineer
Metro Bridge Construction Support: Bridge repair recs, foundation recs, construction support, district liaison
Ryan Rohne 651-366-4581 651-755-9881 ryan.rohne@state.mn.us
Construction Engineer Assistant
Project support as assigned
Eli Ramirez 651-366-4563 651-583-4128 Eliezer.Ramirez@state.mn.us
North Region Bridge Construction Engineer
District 1-4: Bridge repair recs, foundation recs, construction support, district liaison
Nick Haltvick 651-366-4561 651-216-3219 nick.haltvick@state.mn.us
South Region Bridge Construction Engineer
District 6-8: Bridge repair recs, foundation recs, construction support, district liaison
Karl Gronvall 651-366-4565 651-242-6062 karl.gronvall@state.mn.us
Bridge Construction Support and Special Provisions Bridge special provision review, development, coating performances, fielding of bridge construction questions Mark Spafford 651-366-4564 541-470-9862 mark.spafford@state.mn.us
Bridge Construction Field Support
Pile authorizations, bridge plan review, special provision review, development, bridge construction field support
Andrew Fritz 651-366-4464 507-259-1360 andrew.fritz@state.mn.us

Specifications and Standards

Bridge Construction Manual


Bridge Erection

2401 Concrete Pouring and Curing

2404 Concrete Wearing Courses

2433 Renovation including new adhesive anchorages

2475 Railings

2478 Paint

Construction Engineer-Bridge Overview (CEBO) Course (Recorded 2021)

Bridge Construction Inspection Course

Bridge Construction Inspection eLearning courses

Topic-Specific Informational Videos by MnDOT Specifications Area

Bridge Construction Time Lapse Videos