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This site is an access point to MnDOT’s agency wide CADD resources and information for using MnDOT’s Bentley ProjectWise system to access project data.  The CADD resources are in the agency standard Bentley MicroStation V8i file format and Bentley GEOPAK V8i format. Use of these files allows designers to create MicroStation CAD documents that adhere to MnDOT publication standards for engineering plans.  The ProjectWise system may only be accessed by MnDOT staff and external partners who have obtained an access account from their MnDOT Project Manager.


Bentley, Bentley MicroStation, Bentley GEOPAK, and Bentley ProjectWise are trademarks of Bentley Systems Incorporated and are used here for specificity and clarification only. Microsoft and Microsoft Internet Explorer are trademarks of Microsoft Inc. and used only for specificity and clarification.




Access to the information and resources under this site are subject to acceptance of the MnDOT CADD Data Standards Disclaimer. Be aware of your responsibility regarding the quality of the data on this site.




MnDOT CADD Data Standards
Currently the only MicroStation files and data available are found under the MnDOT CADD Data Standards web site.



This ZIP file contains all standard files within MnDOT's GEOPAK directory structure.
Last Update 08-13-2014. File Size 21 MB.


Adobe PDF format file to view a table listing directory paths and contents of each.
Last Update 08-2-2005.


GEOPAK Help Resources
This page provides links to Help files that contain information on Bugs, 3PC application descriptions and other files that provide additional resource information for using GEOPAK.


ProjectWise External Client Access


Anyone authorized to access MnDOT data through our Bentley ProjectWise web system must be aware of the information and practices in the following documents.


ProjectWise – Web Access



ProjectWise External Access with ProjectWise Explorer
For external partners that have ProjectWise Explorer, here are the steps to configure your ProjectWise network settings to see MnDOT's data sources.
ProjectWise Explorer External Access


Note: You will need your own BentleySelectServer Licensing activated to use this option.

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