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Noise Analysis

Memo Number Memo Title
08-17-ENV-01 Noise Exemption (EXP 12-05-2013)



Regulated Materials

Memo Number Memo Title
12-05-ENV-01 Regulated Waste Disposal: MnDOT Approved Procedures and End Sites
10-08-ENV-02 Abandoned Containers on MnDOT Right-of-Way
11-04-ENV-01 Hazard Evaluation Process of Products and Waste Materials - replaces Tech Memo No. 00-20-ENV-07 (EXP 02-01-2016)



Roadside Vegetation Management

Memo Number Memo Title
06-18-ENV-03 Guidelines for Responding to Requests for Managing Right-of-Way Vegetation Adjacent to Businesses and On-Premise and Off-Premise Advertising Devices (EXP 06-22-2011)