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Pavement Design

Structural design for cost-effective, long-lasting pavements
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About Pavement Design

The Pavement Design Unit is one of the four Offices in the Pavement Engineering Section. We provide technical expertise on pavement design, determine timing of seasonal load restrictions, and administer the pavement-type selection process. We also maintain and operate Non-Destructive Testing equipment, including Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWD) for district testing and a skid truck and trailer used for friction testing.



























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Consultant Specification for Soils Investigation & Design Recommendations (PDF 60 KB, 10 pp)


Technical Memos


Alternative Bids



Design Tools




2007 Pavement Design Manual


Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)


Mn/DOT R-Value Chart (PDF 43 KB, 1 p)


Concrete Overlay Design




The final BCOA-ME program for the the design of thin whitetopping.