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2024 Drainage Manual

MnDOT is transitioning from the current Drainage Manual (previously published in 2000) to its successor manual. During this transition, both publications will be active and online, however the 2024 updates will supersede the 2000 version of the Drainage Manual.  You may navigate between publications using the link below. 

Access the 2000 publication of the Drainage Manual.

Note: As updates of the Drainage Manual are published, the corresponding material from the previous version of the manual will be removed. Both this page and the previous drainage manual page have links where you can sign up for email update notices about the manuals.

Manual and Appendices

Document Date updated Transmittal
Download entire manual TBD TBD
Cover Title and Table of Contents TBD TBD
Chapter 1 - Introduction 06/24/2024 24-01
Chapter 2 - Pipe Materials 06/24/2024 24-01
Chapter 3 - Hydrology 06/24/202424-01
Chapter 4 – Channels and Ditches TBDTBD
Chapter 5 - Culverts TBDTBD
Chapter 6 – Energy Dissipator TBDTBD
Chapter 7 – Storage Facilities TBDTBD
Chapter 8 – Storm Drainage Systems TBDTBD
Chapter 9 – Bridges TBDTBD
Appendix A – Risk Assessment TBDTBD
Appendix B - Atlas 14 24-hour Precipitation Depth by County 06/24/202424-01
Appendix C - Steel Pipe Service Life Maps 06/24/202424-01
Appendix D - Hard Conversions of Pipe Diameters 06/24/202424-01
Appendix E – Computer Programs and References TBDTBD
Appendix F – Glossary and Acronyms TBDTBD

Supporting Documents

Document Date updated Transmittal
Risk Assessment Letter Template (fillable PDF) TBDTBD
Risk Assessment Spreadsheet Tool (.xls) TBDTBD
Culvert Design Form (.xls) TBDTBD

Historical Documents

Document Date updated Transmittal
">Historic Drainage Manual (ca. 2000) Aug. 30, 2000 00-01