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MnDOT/LRRB Research Request for Proposals (RFP) - CY2019/FY2021

This solicitation is open to the following qualified universities:

  • Iowa State University
  • Michigan Technological University
  • Minnesota State Colleges & Universities
  • Montana State University
  • North Dakota State University
  • Texas A&M
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of New Hampshire
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison

The solicitation is also open to the MnDOT Office of Materials and Road Research.

What research is being requested?

Each year, MnDOT and the Local Road Research Board (LRRB) seek research proposals. These proposals attempt to address the research needs and ideas of the Minnesota city, county and state transportation practitioners.

MnDOT collects research ideas from various sources, including MnDOT staff and city/county engineers throughout the year. These ideas are documented as "Research Need Statements" and can be viewed online. Researchers are asked to submit proposals to address these research needs, and are encouraged to work with the Technical Liaison (TL) listed for a particular research need statement when developing the research proposal.

Researchers are reminded to follow and organize each research project according to the terms of their University Master Contract with MnDOT, and the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) Guidelines. Researchers should be familiar with this research process prior to submitting research proposals.  Also, research proposals submitted must allocate more than 50 percent of the budget to the Master Agreement University, State University, or the MnDOT Office of Materials and Road Research.

How to Submit a Proposal

Proposals must:

  • Be formed around the high-priority research needs for MnDOT and the LRRB.  
  • Use the MnDOT/LRRB Proposal Form. (Note: They are limited to 14 pages.)
  • Researches should coordinate with their university research contact for internal due dates. (Universities will collate and coordinate each University submittal to MnDOT.)
  • Proposals must be transmitted in Microsoft Word format from the university research contacts to Hafiz Munir at the MnDOT Office of Research & Innovation by Sept. 10, 2019

Research Proposals not responding to a Need Statement

One of MnDOT’s flagship initiatives is to foster innovation, develop ground-breaking multi-modal transportation practices and encourage research. In support of this initiative we will accept research proposals for a need which was not identified during the need statement development period.

However, the researcher needs to identify a public sector champion, city or county engineer, MnDOT office director or district willing to sponsor the project by participating on the TAP and state this in their letter or e-mail support. Without a public sector champion the proposal will not be carried forward for funding consideration. Once a champion has been identified, submittal deadlines and process are the same as above. 

Research Funding Levels and Duration

Researchers are encouraged to review both the MnDOT Research Services and LRRB websites for examples of previous research efforts. Project-level details for MnDOT and LRRB research projects, organized by fiscal year, can be found in our annual At-A-Glance publications.

When will proposals be selected for funding?

The selection process is documented on the Research Services website:

  • Early November 2019: Submitters are notified if a presentation is requested by MnDOT. If you are not contacted by this time, your proposal is not moving forward for funding consideration by MnDOT.
  • Early November 2019: Submitters are notified if a presentation is requested by the LRRB. If you are not contacted by this time, your proposal is not moving forward for funding consideration by the LRRB.
  • Dec. 4-5, 2019: Presentations are made to MnDOT.
  • Dec. 11-12, 2019: Presentations are made to the LRRB.
  • Mid-January 2020: Funding decisions will be posted. Please note we will not send notification letters.
  • July 1, 2020: Funding is available; however, depending on funding, earlier start dates may be approved.

Questions or Comments?

Reach out to your university contacts or MnDOT Research Management Engineer Hafiz Munir at hafiz.munir@state.mn.us or 651-366-3757.

Last updated July 31, 2019.