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MnDOT and LRRB Research Funding Awards

The Minnesota Department of Transportation Research Steering Committee and the Minnesota Local Road Research Board have announced funding awards for the CY2021/FY2023 academic transportation research Request for Proposals (RFP).

The following proposals have been selected for funding. Most projects are anticipated to begin July 2022 or sooner.

Click on a project hyperlink below to sign up for project updates. To volunteer for a project’s advisory panel, email research.dot@state.mn.us

Note: Proposals from responding universities are private until contracts are signed. See corresponding need statements (left column) for further information about most funded projects.

Need Statement Project Title Principal Investigator University Sponsor
Bridges & Structures
NS-637 Develop Element Level Bridge Performance Measures and Targets Basak Aldemir Bektas Minnesota State University Mankato MnDOT
NS-638 Development of Erosion Control Product Longevity Test Methodology John Chapman University of Minnesota MnDOT
NS-639 Re-Use of Minnesota Waste Material in Sustainably Design Soils: Part 2 David Saftner University of Minnesota Duluth Joint
NS-640 Assessing a New Tool for Early Detection of Endangered Turtles on Proposed Transportation Projects Mark Davis University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign MnDOT
NS-641 Statistical and Process-Based Models of Stormwater Treatment Basin “Aging” to Quantify Infiltration Rate Sustainability and Maintenance Intervals Anthony Parolari Marquette University MnDOT
NS-661 Update of Storm Water Management – Best Practices Manual (from 2009) Andrew Erickson University of Minnesota LRRB
NS-664 Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA): Light Weight Fill and as Stormwater Infiltration Media John Gulliver University of Minnesota LRRB
Maintenance Operations
NS-642 Effective Strategies to Extend Remaining Life of ASR-Affected Pavements Fatih Bektas Minnesota State University Mankato MnDOT
Materials & Construction
NS-643 Development of Process to Lower GWP of Construction Materials Amlan Mukherjee Michigan Tech University MnDOT
NS-644 Evaluation of Gravel Stabilizer Used on Gravel Roads and Gravel Shoulders Bora Cetin Michigan State University Joint
NS-646 Improving and Developing Pavement Design Inputs and Performance Functions for Cold Recycled Pavement Layers in Minnesota Eshan Dave University of New Hampshire Joint
NS-647 Mitigation of Tenting of Transverse Cracks and Joints in Asphalt Pavement Manik Barman University of Minnesota
NS-648 Asphalt Pavement Cracking Performance Data Analysis Eshan Dave University of New Hampshire Joint
NS-658 A Synthesis of Usage and Performance of Daylighted Bases in Comparison to Edge Drains Bora Cetin Michigan State University MnDOT
Policy & Planning
NS-649 Haul Road and Detour Maintenance Mihai Marasteanu University of Minnesota Joint
NS-657 Role of Arts, Culture and Placemaking in Transportation Projects Julie Cidell University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign MnDOT
NS-659 Understanding How Street Reconstruction Affects Property Value Jason Cao University of Minnesota LRRB
Traffic & Safety
NS-652 Complete Streets Speed Impacts Peter Savolainen Michigan State University Joint
NS-653 Development of a System to Report School Bus Stop-Arm Violations Brian Davis University of Minnesota Joint
NS-654 Evaluation of Static and Dynamic No Right Turn on Red Signs at Traffic Signals Christopher Day Iowa State University Joint
NS-655 Identification and Assessment of Preventative Methods to Mitigate Cognitive and Physical Declines Which Influence Driving Performance of Older Drivers Nichole Morris University of Minnesota Joint
KB21-03-1 Towards Implementation of Max-Pressure Control on Minnesota Roads: Phase 2 Raphael Stern University of Minnesota LRRB
KB21-04-1 Development and Demonstration of a Novel Red Light Running Warning System Using Connected v2i Technology Michael Levin University of Minnesota LRRB

Updated: December 30, 2021