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MnDOT and LRRB Research Funding Awards

The Minnesota Department of Transportation Research Steering Committee and the Minnesota Local Road Research Board have announced funding awards for the CY2020/FY2022 academic transportation research Request for Proposals (RFP). The following proposals have been selected for funding. Most projects are anticipated to begin July 2021 or sooner.

Click on a project hyperlink below to sign up for project updates. To volunteer for a project’s advisory panel, email research.dot@state.mn.us

Note: Proposals from responding universities are private until contracts are signed. See corresponding need statements (left column) for further information about most funded projects.

Need Statement Project Title Principal Investigator University Sponsor
Automated Vehicle Technology
Knowledge Building Designing an Autonomous Service to Cover Transit Last Mile in Low-Density Areas Alireza Khani University of Minnesota LRRB
NS-622 Tool to Estimate the Safety Impact of Vehicle Levels of Automation on Minnesota Roads John Hourdos University of Minnesota Joint
Knowledge Building Influence of Autonomous and Partially Autonomous Vehicles on Minnesota Roads Rajesh Rajamani University of Minnesota Joint
Bridges & Structures
NS-605 Bridge Low Slump Concrete Overlay Mix Design for Mobile Mixers Tyler Ley Oklahoma State University MnDOT
NS-607 Quantifying Benefits of Bridge Maintenance Basak Aldemir Bektas Minnesota State University, Mankato Joint
NS-608 Identifying Deer-Vehicle Collision Concentrations in Minnesota Raphael Stern University of Minnesota MnDOT
NS-610 Comparison of Compost and Proprietary Soil Amendments for Vegetation Establishment Bora Cetin Michigan State University Joint
Freight & Commercial Vehicles
NS-615 Identify Best Types of Commodity Flow Data for Freight, Railroad, Ports and Waterways Studies Zhirong Jerry Zhao University of Minnesota MnDOT
Materials & Construction
NS-612 Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Basak Aldemir Bektas Minnesota State University, Mankato Joint
NS-624 BMP for Issues with Asphalt Centerline Joint and Intelligent Compaction for Local Agencies Syed Haider Michigan State University LRRB
Unsolicited Evaluation of Corrugated HDPE Pipes Manufactured with Recycled Content Michael Pluimer University of Minnesota-Duluth MnDOT
NS-626 Evaluation of Proprietary Rejuvenators M. Emin Kutay Michigan State University LRRB
NS-628 Cost Estimate of B vs. C Grade Asphalt Binders Mihai Marasteanu University of Minnesota LRRB
NS-620 Pavement Marking/Colored Pavement Friction Differential and Product Durability Mihai Marasteanu University of Minnesota Joint
NS-617 Designing and Implementing Maintainable Pedestrian Safety Countermeasures David Veneziano Iowa State University MnDOT
NS-614 Rural Community Transit Strategies Thomas Fisher University of Minnesota Joint
NS-629 Multi-Method Investigation of Pedestrian Safety Impacts of Right Turn Lanes Curtis Craig University of Minnesota Joint
Policy & Planning
Unsolicited Advancing Equity in Accessibility and Travel Experiences: The Role of Gender and Identity Ying Song University of Minnesota MnDOT
Unsolicited Assessing the Effects of Highway Improvements on Adjacent Businesses Yingling Fan University of Minnesota MnDOT
NS-618 Enhancing Managed Lane Equity Analysis Adeel Lari University of Minnesota MnDOT
NS-619 Improving Transportation Equity for All by Centering the Needs of Marginalized and Underserved Communities Yingling Fan University of Minnesota MnDOT
Unsolicited Maximizing Transportation Assets by Building Community Connection Through Innovative Development of Rights of Way and Airspace Frank Douma University of Minnesota MnDOT
NS-625 MnDOT Haul and Detour Routes – Impacts on Local Roads Bora Cetin Michigan State University LRRB
Traffic & Safety
NS-616 Mobile-Device Data, Non-Motorized Traffic Monitoring, and Estimation of Annual Average Daily Bicyclist and Pedestrian Flows Michael  Levin University of Minnesota Joint
NS-621 Performance Evaluation of Different Detection Technologies for Signalized Intersections in Minnesota John Hourdos University of Minnesota Joint
Knowledge Building User-Centered Smart Traffic Sign Development Study Nichole Morris University of Minnesota LRRB

Updated: December 15, 2020