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Project Administration

Project Administration

The following instructions cover the major stages of project development and administration for MnDOT and LRRB research and research implementation projects– from getting a contract underway to publishing a final report or other deliverable.

Workplan Development

Once a project is funded, a Technical Liaison is assigned and a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) is formed to help guide the development of the contract work plan and oversee future work.

Consultant and academic researchers should use one of the following work plan templates to get started (for academic research, the funding proposal often forms the basis of the draft work plan). Note: Following work plan approval, it usually takes 4-6 weeks for a contract to be signed.

Contract Amendments

Contract amendments are sometimes necessary to ensure that a project is completed successfully.

Deliverables and Publishing

Each task has a deliverable that must be approved by the Technical Liaison before payment can be made for the task. Some deliverables are also published and require an editorial review.

  • Interim Deliverables: Send interim deliverables to your Technical Liaison and Project Coordinator.
  • Final Report/Guidebook: See guidance for publishing a final report or guidebook.

Project Evaluation

Contract close-out includes collecting performance measures, as well as interpretation, implementation, marketing, outreach, education, technology transfer, additional projects/phases, etc.