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St. Paul's Smith Avenue High Bridge

High Bridge study yields insights on bridge deck maintenance

For the last three years, St. Paul's iconic Smith Avenue High Bridge has served as a test bed for a variety of products used to seal cracks on bridge decks. Through MnDOT-funded research, various sealant products have been applied on different areas of the bridge deck, with their performance tracked over time. (Read more.)
(Posted 11/03/2014)

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How Those Little Blue Lights Make Intersections Safer

Indicators that help cops catch red light red runners have been shown to increase traffic safety. In Florida, crashes due to people running red lights fell by 22 percent, according to low-cost safety improvement pooled fund study conducted on behalf of MnDOT and other states. See story.
(Posted 11/18/2014)

Continous Scour Monitoring Improves Bridge Safety

Monitoring bridge scour with traditional inspection methods can be dangerous and difficult, so MnDOT has been working with researchers from the University of Minnesota’s St. Anthony Falls Laboratory to develop a continuous monitoring system to test certain bridges more safely and efficiently.
(Posted 11/12/2014)

Mobile Imagery, LiDAR Helps MnDOT Maintain Its Assets

MnDOT’s new barrier inventory will provide invaluable information for design, planning and maintenance. (Read more.)
(Posted 11/03/2014)

'High Bridge' Study Yields Insights on Bridge Deck Maintenance

One of St. Paul’s most iconic landmarks is helping the Minnesota Department of Transportation find the most cost-effective methods of maintaining concrete bridge decks.
(Posted 10/27/2014)

How Roadside Drainage Ditches Reduce Pollution

Study finds that grassed swales are significantly better at absorbing water than expected, which may reduce the need for more expensive stormwater management practices. (Read more.)
(Posted 10/21/2014)

RailVolution Showcases Minnesota Transit Successes

To a national audience of 1,400 urban planners and transit enthusiasts, Minnesota leaders told the story of how Minnesota is embracing multi-modal development. (Read more.)
(Posted 9/26/2014)

Partnership Planned for Nation's Top Pavement Testing Facilities

The nation’s two largest pavement testing centers are planning to partner in order to better leverage research performed at their cold and hot-weather facilities. (Read more)
(Posted 9/15/2014)

Drinking Water Solutions May Help Construction Site Runoff

A research project headed by Mankato State University and funded by the Minnesota Department of Transportation has identified three chemical flocculants that are effective at removing a broad range of Minnesota soils from water. (Read more.)
(Posted 9/15/2014)