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photo of chip sealing

Video: Chip Sealing - Not Just For Local Roads Anymore

Chip-sealing — spraying an asphalt emulsion over existing pavement and then covering it with fine aggregate — is a cost-effective alternative to resurfacing asphalt pavements. Traditionally, however, it has only been used on rural and low-volume roadways. (Watch the video)
(Posted 8/14/2014)

More News

Video: Driving a 40-Ton Truck in Circles for Science

The only way to test pavements is to destroy them — slowly and painstakingly, one moving vehicle at a time. MnROAD employees drive a 80,000-pound semi tractor trailer around a closed-loop low-volume track 60 to 70 times a day. (Watch the video)
(Posted 8/01/2014)

Twin Cities to Host Livable Communities Conference

More than a 1,000 transportation and urban planners will descend on America’s most bicycle-friendly city in September for Rail-Volution, the nation’s premiere conference on livable and transit-orientated communities.(Read More)
(Posted 8/14/2014)

Sneak Preview of 2015 Transportation Research

MnDOT Research Services & Library has released its annual request for proposals, which provides a sneak peak of the projects that might be selected. (Read More)
(Posted 8/11/2014)

MnROAD Celebrates 20th Anniversary, Prepares for Next Research Phase

Minnesota alone saves at least $33 million each year, thanks to quantifiable advances made at MnROAD. The annual nation-wide savings is thought to be even larger: $749 million. (Read More)
(Posted 8/7/2014)

Reducing Construction Pollution By Skimming Stormwater Ponds

MnDOT-funded researchers have designed temporary stormwater ponds with floating head skimmers that can remove clean water from the surface of the settling pond, using gravity to discharge water into a ditch or receiving body. (Read More)
(Posted 8/1/2014)

LRRB Web Tool Tracks Research Projects Throughout the State

As public works employees come and go, past research efforts — and the valuable knowledge gained — often goes with them. But a recently launched web application allows users to track innovative pavement projects for a lifetime. (Read more)
(Posted 7/29/2014)

Study Reveals Public Misperceptions About Local Transportation Issues

Aging roads and bridges, increased traffic and persistently constrained revenues put local road systems in peril, but the public is largely unaware of the pressures facing their communities, a Minnesota Local Road Research Board study has found. Read more
(Posted 7/21/2014)