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Materials & Road Research

Testing and Research of Road and Bridge Materials
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17th Annual TERRA Pavement Conference

The presentations and other information are currently available online.


Schedule of Materials Control

The Schedule of Materials Control outlines the minimum sampling and testing rates required for most materials used in MnDOT highway construction. It is inserted into project proposals, and is project specific.


Lab Testing & Inspections Rates

Rates Memo: MnDOT performs sampling, testing, & inspections for State, County, City, and other governmentally funded transportation projects. Other governmental agencies are required to reimburse MnDOT for this work. This is outlined in the Sampling, Testing, & Inspections Memo. (PDF 137KB).


Current Rates: (Effective June 1, 2014) for sampling, testing, & inspection are outlined in the Laboratory, Field Testing, and Inspection Rates (PDF 49KB).


Former rates through May 31, 2014 (PDF 93KB).


IAST Program

MnDOT's Schedule of Independent Assurance Sampling and Testing Protocol is used by Independent Assurance Personnel on all Federal Aid Construction Projects. The Independent Assurance Program provides a check on testing equipment and procedures for construction projects.


Independent Assurance Inspector Group

Contact the MnDOT District Independent Assurance Inspector (PDF 17KB) when project starts to provide the proper servicing of your project.

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Seasonal Load Limits

Information and maps related to winter load increases, spring load restrictions, overweight permits, and other load limit information. Seasonal Load Limits


Approved/Qualified and Certified Products Lists

All materials, equipment and sources that meet MnDOT Specifications are categorized by product type or type of application. This area includes all product lists as well as requirements for obtaining product approval. Product Lists


Lab Testing and Inspection

MnDOT performs laboratory testing of materials for construction, maintenance, and research. All MnDOT labs are certified by AMRL. MnDOT also performs Materials Inspection on several types of materials used on construction projects. Materials Testing and Inspection


Materials Certification

Each year, the MnDOT Office of Materials performs a complete review of approximately 20 projects throughout the state and checks them for compliance of materials testing requirements and completion of all proper paperwork. Materials Certification Program



MnRoad Research advances the state of the practice of pavement design, construction and maintenance by conducting and participating in pavement and materials research projects, implementation of research results, and supporting practitioners. MnROAD is a unique cold region pavement research test track that is part of the Road Research program.