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Independent Assurance Sampling & Testing Schedule

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Independent Assurance Sampling & Testing Schedule


The Minnesota Department of Transportation Schedule of Independent Assurance Sampling and Testing (IAST) Protocol is used by Independent Assurance Personnel on all Federal Aid Construction Projects. The Independent Assurance Program provides a check on testing equipment and procedures for construction projects.


Arrangements must be made with the District Materials Engineer for scheduling independent assurance visits to comply with project requirements.



2013 IAST Protocol (PDF, 88KB, 3pp)

2012 IAST Protocol (PDF, 31KB, 4pp)

2011 IAST Protocol (PDF, 24KB, 4pp)

2010 IAST Protocol, use 2009 IAST

2009 IAST Protocol (PDF, 32KB, 4pp)

2008 IAST Protocol (PDF, 32KB, 4pp)

2007 IAST Protocol (PDF, 38KB, 7pp)