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Pavement Preservation

Pavement Preservation is the practice of applying the right treatment on a road at the right time to extend pavement service life and longevity.


MnDOT Pavement Preservation Manual (PDF)

This document provides information regarding the use of pavement preservation strategies for maintaining pavement condition. Currently this manual only discusses strategies found in the Pavement Managements Highway Performance Management Applications (HPMA) decision trees.

MnDOT Maintenance Manual, Chapter 3: Smooth Roads (PDF)

The MnDOT Maintenance Manual provides guidance on many aspects of highway maintenance. The intention of this manual is to provide information on the practices and guidelines established and practiced by MnDOT for maintenance operations. 


Micro Milling Investigation (PDF)

This document investigates the yearly changes in ride quality (International Roughness Index) from several different micro mill projects around the state.



Seal Coat Handbook (PDF)

This handbook (revised in 2006) is to provide a solid background in seal coat materials, equipment, design and construction for the field inspector.

Seal Coat Design (PDF)

The Seal Coat Design Program was developed as an aid to determine the materials, application rates and quantities for a seal coat. Follow the link for download.



Micro Surfacing Quantity Calculator (Excel)

This is a tool used to assist in determining estimated costs and quantities for micro surfacing projects. Be sure to double check the quantities by hand. If you find any errors or bugs, or if you have suggestions for improvement, please contact Elliot Keyes at elliot.keyes@state.mn.us.