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Material delivery management system (MDMS) standardization

The material delivery management system (MDMS) manages the following data associated with delivery of material to a contract:

  • Source (E-Ticket): Data generated by the source’s loadout software, such as contract, project, source, and mix design identification, material code, ticket number, and loading and weight information. This data is considered as the E-Ticket.
  • Loading and delivery event: Data generated such as dumping details, date and time stamps for given event types, and durations.
  • Testing and contract administration: Data generated by the Engineer and/or Contractor, such as acceptance/rejection, wasted material quantity, field ingredients added quantities, sampling information, split load pay items and quantities, testing results, etc.
  • Independent field verification: Data generated when the Engineer randomly verifies data collected by the Contractor’s MDMS each day to ensure no issues are present with the system and the accuracy of data. Field verification data is also used to verify that the final, exported MDMS data, reflects those originally reviewed in field.
  • Hauler: Data generated by the Hauler (e.g., truck ID, driver name, broker name, DOT number, etc.). The Hauler for the given truck identification may be the Contractor, Independent Truck Operator (ITO), or Managed Truck Operator (MTO).

Draft AASHTO provisional practice

AASHTO PPXX Standard Specification for Material Delivery Management System (Word) has been submitted to AASHTO and is currently under consideration for publication.

MDMS Expert Task Group (ETG)

An ETG was established to discuss national needs as related to the MDMS and for assistance with development of the AASHTO MDMS standard. Additionally, this group also shares lessons learned as related to the technology by participating states.

The ETG currently has 269 participants, consisting of representation from Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), AASHTO, AASHTOWare Project, DOT auditors, 2 universities, 5 consulting firms, 12 contractors, 34 department of transportations, 6 associations, 36 vendors, and 23 material suppliers.

This ETG will be incorporated into the International Society of Intelligent Construction (ISIC) after the technology matures and requires less working group meetings to support with standardization, technology transfer, and deployment efforts.

MDMS ETG members

  • ACPA
  • Aggregate Industries
  • Alabama DOT
  • Alaska DOT
  • Alegna Technologies
  • Anderson Brothers
  • Aggregate Ready-Mixed Association
  • Arrowhead Concrete
  • Astec Industries
  • AVR
  • Blue Sky Technologies, LLC
  • Broadloop
  • Buffalo Ridge Concrete
  • Butterfly Technologies
  • California (Caltrans)
  • Caterpillar
  • Cemstone
  • Command Alkon
  • Competers Inc.
  • Connecticut DOT
  • Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota
  • CRH Americas Materials
  • Croell
  • Delaware DOT
  • Duininck
  • Duluth Ready-Mix
  • Earthwave
  • FHWA Division Offices
  • FHWA Resource Center
  • Fleetilla, LLC
  • Florida DOT
  • GCC
  • Georgia DOT)
  • Haulhub
  • Hawkinson
  • HCSS
  • Headlight
  • Highway Data Systems (HDS)
  • IA Ready Mix
  • Illinois DOT
  • Indiana DOT
  • Infotech
  • Iowa DOT
  • Iowa State University
  • Iron Sheepdog
  • Kansas DOT
  • Keep Truckin
  • University of Kentucky
  • KGM
  • Knife River
  • Lakes Concrete Plus
  • Leicaus
  • Libra Systems
  • Louisana DOT
  • Maine DOT
  • Minnesota Asphalt Paving Association
  • Marshall Concrete
  • Mathy
  • Meta-ct
  • Michigan DOT
  • Minnesota DOT
  • Mississippi DOT
  • Missouri DOT
  • Modern Ready Mix
  • National Asphalt Paving Assocation
  • Nebraska DOT
  • New Hampshire DOT
  • New York DOT
  • North Carolina DOT
  • North Dakota DOT
  • North Star Materials
  • Office of Infrastructure R&D
  • Ohio DOT
  • Oklahoma DOT
  • Oregon DOT
  • Pavia Systems
  • Pennsylvania DOT
  • Proxet
  • Ready Mix Concrete Company
  • Rochester Sand & Gravel
  • Rockpile Solutions
  • RuckIt
  • Seppi Brothers Concrete
  • Simple Cloud Solutions
  • Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR)
  • Sop Paving
  • South Carolina DOT
  • Strata Concrete
  • Surface Technology
  • Sysdyne Corp
  • Sysdyne Technologies
  • Systems Equipment Corporation
  • Tennessee DOT
  • Tiller Corp
  • Transflo
  • Transtec
  • Tread
  • Trimble
  • FHWA Turner Fairbanks
  • Utah DOT
  • Valley Paving
  • Vermont DOT
  • Virgina DOT
  • Volvo
  • Vulcan Mat'ls Company
  • Wirtgen Group
  • Wisconsin DOT
  • Worms Ready-Mix
  • WSP
  • Wyoming DOT