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Grading and Base

Asphalt mix on a towel

Draft 2018 G&B Specifications

2018 Spec Redline Version 3 December 22, 2016

2018 Spec Redline Version 2 October 7, 2016

2018 Spec Redline Version 1 June 23, 2016

Summary of Changes for Drafts 1 and 2 and 3

Specification Corrections and Changes

Monetary Price Adjustment Memo for Materials not meeting specifications, (12/21/2012)


Forms and Worksheets

MnDOT Grading and Base Manual, Guidelines and Technical Memorandums

Grading & Base Manual

MnDOT Reclamation Inspector's Guide



Test Methods and Procedures

Speedy Moisture Test Safety Procedure: Transporting Calcium Carbide


Class 5/6 Glass Certification Example (1/3/2001)

Glass Debris Examples (4/12/2001)

DCP Suppliers

SCB FIVE Procedure (7/11/2016)