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Concrete paving class

The concrete paving class is presented every year. It's a two-day class co-sponsored by the MnDOT Concrete Engineering Unit and the Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota (CPAM).


This course is intended for consultant, county, city, and state personnel that perform or will be performing concrete paving inspection.


After you complete this class, you'll be better able to understand the issues and duties of concrete paving.


  • TBD for 2025 (via Microsoft Teams)
    8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day


Agenda (PDF)
Day 1
  • Introduction to concrete paving
  • Specifications and special provisions
  • Measurement and payment
  • Standard plans and plates
  • Pre-pour meeting
  • Safety
  • Maintenance of traffic
  • Subgrade and base
  • Surveying, staking and grade control
  • Stringline and stringless
  • Fine grading
  • Geotextile interlayer
  • Slipform placement process
  • Placing operations
  • Dowel bar basket placement
  • MIT-SCAN T2 testing
  • Fix-form placement
  • Finishing
  • Jointing
  • Header construction
  • Joint layouts
Day 2 (morning)
  • Texture
  • Thickness determination
  • Sawing and sealing
  • Curing and protection
  • Opening to traffic
  • Ride (smoothness)
  • Defective work
  • Troubleshooting
Day 2 (afternoon)
  • Concrete Batch Plant monitoring: Attendees may choose to stay or leave depending on their interest in this specialized topic.

There is no fee for this training.


Notify Lisa Bilotta at 651-366-5500 or lisa.bilotta@state.mn.us at least five days prior to class. MnDOT personnel should also notify their local TDS.

Employees who are subject to overtime should note that all non-assigned training is voluntary and that the total state time is not to exceed the regular scheduled work day.

MnDOT employees shall use activity code 0600 on their time sheet for this class.

Individuals who need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this event, please contact Janet Miller, Disability Programs Coordinator, MnDOT Office of Equity & Diversity, 395 John Ireland Boulevard, St. Paul, MN 55155, or send an e-mail to janet.rae.miller@state.mn.us.