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MnDOT Concrete Engineering

Providing leadership and assistance to agencies, contractors, and citizens on specifying and constructing long lasting concrete structures and pavements.
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2014 MnDOT Contractor Mix Design Pilot Projects

Starting in 2014, MnDOT will let several Pilot Projects that require the Contractor to design all concrete mixes on the project.


Precast/Prestress Inspection

MnDOT performs on-site inspection at precast and prestress plants for use on agency projects. For information on prestress and precast plant operations and inspection, contact the MnDOT Inspections Engineer.

Concrete Research Activities

Concrete research that MnDOT is currently conducting or has conducted including research contacts and reports.


Operation of MIT SCAN T2 Device

Guide to using the MIT SCAN T2 Device for Locating Reinforcement Bars and Dowel Bar Baskets.

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Approved/Qualified Concrete Sources and Products

Concrete related sources and products that are approved, qualified or certified for use on Agency projects.


Concrete Aggregates

Refer to MnDOT Aggregates for information acquiring a pit number.

New source concrete aggregate testing requirements.

Preliminary concrete aggregate testing requirements for paving.


Concrete Mix Designs

Forms for Mix Designs and Job Mix Formulas (JMF) for certified ready-mix, concrete paving and bridges.



Forms for certified ready-mix, concrete paving and bridges that are used for documenting concrete materials and testing on construction projects.


Certified Ready-Mix Program

MnDOT has developed the Certified Ready-Mix Program for the quality control of concrete production under a Certification program for ready-mix concrete plants.


Concrete Pavements and Rehabilitation

MnDOT's concrete paving program currently using water/cement ratio specifications. Concrete paving references include requirements for alkali silica reactivity (ASR), concrete texture specifications, historical concrete pavement data (COPES) and the concrete pavement ride information (Smoothness).


MnDOT has developed the concrete pavement rehabilitation (CPR) program using techniques that were developed in the mid-1980's and have evolved over time. Included are guidelines, CPR details and specifications.


MnDOT's new policy for sealing joints is based on the type of material below the concrete pavement. See the new Joint Sealing Recommendation Guidelines for additional information.



Manuals, guidelines and other documents used for concrete related activities on construction projects.