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Advanced Materials & Technology (AMT)


Advanced Materials and Technology


A standardized intelligent construction data management (ICDM) software that stores, maps and analyzes geospatial data resulting from intelligent compaction, thermal profiling and spot test data (e.g., density, moisture).  This software can perform standardized data processing, analysis and reporting to provide Project summary results quickly in the field from various intelligent compaction and thermal profiling manufacturers.  In particular, the software can provide statistics, histograms, correlations for these measurements, document coverage area and evaluate the uniformity of compaction and surface temperature measurements as part of the Project quality control operations. 

Veta Software (download)

The following documents list the individuals that have received the required training for Veta Software operation:


  • The 2018 Intelligent Compaction and Paver Mounted Thermal Profiling Special Provisions and Veta training are now complete.
  • E-learning class (available Winter 2019)

Example Case Studies for Veta Classes

The following are the IC and PMTP example project files used in the Lecturer-Led training classes held in 2019 using Veta 5.2.62.

Download all 2019 IC and PMTP files and folders in one zip file (447 MB*)

After downloading, locate the Veta Class AHTC 2019.zip file on your computer, right-click and select Extract All.

*Total drive space required = 2 GB