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USFS Timber Bridge Manual

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USFS Timber Bridge Manual


  1:  Timber as a Bridge Material  (PDF)

  2:  Types of Timber Bridges  (PDF)

  3:  Properties of Wood and Structural Wood Products  (PDF)

  4:  Preservation and Protection of Timber Bridges  (PDF)

  5:  Basic Timber Design Concepts for Bridges  (PDF)

  6:  Loads and Forces on Timber Bridges  (PDF)

  7:  Design of Beam Superstructures  (PDF)

  8:  Design of Longitudinal Deck Superstructures  (PDF)

  9:  Design of Longitudinal Stress-Laminated Deck Superstructures  (PDF)

10:  Rail Systems for Timber Decks  (PDF)

11:  Wearing Surfaces for Timber Decks  (PDF)

12:  Timber Bridge Fabrication and Construction  (PDF)

13:  Bridge Inspection for Decay and Other Deterioration  (PDF)

14:  Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Timber Bridges  (PDF)

15:  Bridge Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Replacement: Case Histories  (PDF)

16:  Reference Information  (PDF)

17:  Glossary of Terms  (PDF)

18:  Timber Bridge Bibliography  (PDF)