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Bridge Load Rating Manual

The Bridge Load Rating Manual contains MnDOT Bridge Office procedures for the evaluation and load ratings of bridges.

Recent updates to manual Date updated
Selection Guidance Memo for Pier Evaluation of Existing Bridges (PDF) March 2022
Manual Document Date updated
MnDOT Bridge Load Rating and Evaluation Manual (PDF) March 2022

Rating documents

County and local agencies

NOTE: all load rating documents after May 29, 2020 must use the new electronic fillable PDF Form RC-CL, Form 90-CL and Form PIR-CL. To attain archived load rating Form RC-CL, Form 90 and Form PIR-CL PDF, please contact the State Aid Bridge Unit.

Trunk highways

  • MnDOT Form RC-TH: Bridge Rating and Load Posting Report for Trunk Highways (PDFWord)
  • MnDOT Form 90: Culvert Rating Form (PDF, Word)
  • MnDOT Form PIR-TH: MnDOT Physical Inspection Rating for Trunk Highways (PDFWord)
  • MnDOT Form PW: Posting Worksheet (PDFWord)
  • MnDOT Form Truss R: Bridge Rating Details (PDF, Word)
  • MnDOT Posting Sign R12-5A (PDF)

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