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MnDOT and LRRB FY2020 Funding Awards

The following research proposals have been selected for funding in FY2020 by the Minnesota Department of Transportation's Transportation Research and Innovation Group (TRIG) and/or the Minnesota Local Road Research Board) (LRRB). Note: Proposals from responding universities are private until contracts are signed. See corresponding need statements for further information about most funded projects.

Proposal #/ corresponding need statement Project Title Principal Investigator University/ Organization Funding Source
526a Environmental Field Evaluation of Potassium Acetate Chris Rehmann Iowa State MnDOT
526b Evaluation of Environmental Impacts of Potassium Acetate Used as a Road Salt Alternative John Gulliver Minnesota LRRB
527a Re-tightening the Large Anchor Bolts of Support Structures for Signs and Luminaires: Phase II An Chen Iowa State MnDOT
528b A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Pavement Segments that have Remained in Poor Condition for 5+ Years Mihai Marasteanu Minnesota MnDOT
529b Understanding Pedestrian Travel Behavior & Safety in Rural Settings Greg Lindsey Minnesota MnDOT
530a Highway Renewable Energy: Harnessing the Sun's Energy through Noise Barriers and Structural Snow Fencing Mijia Yang North Dakota State MnDOT
531d Establishing a Repeatable Method for Presenting Non-traditional Traffic Treatments to Maximize Stakeholder Support Nichole Morris Minnesota MnDOT/LRRB
532b Evaluation of Metro Freeway System for Reliability and Resilience Eil Kwon UM-Duluth MnDOT
533a Hot Shots for Cold Climes - Evaluating Treatment of The Hardest Icy Spots Stephen J. Druschel MN State - Mankato MnDOT
535a Implementation of Lane Boundary Guidance System for Snowplow Operations Max Donath Minnesota MnDOT/LRRB
536d Pavement Marking Patterns and Widths – Human Factors Study Adam Pike Texas A&M MnDOT
539a Steel Reinforcement Section Loss Guidance Tables Behrouz Shafei Iowa State MnDOT
541a Use of Innovative Technology to Deter Bat-Bridge Use  Basak Aldemir Bektas Iowa State MnDOT
555b Effectiveness of Geotextiles/Geogrids in Roadway Construction; Determine a Granular Equivalent (GE) Factor Junxing Zheng Iowa State LRRB
556b Optimizing Asphalt Mixture Designs for Low-Volume Roads of Minnesota Manik Barman UM-Duluth LRRB
558u Establishing Fresh Properties of Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Performance Engineered Mixture (PEM) Manik Barman UM-Duluth MnDOT
560u Remaining Service Life Asset Measure, Phase 2 Mihai Marasteanu Minnesota MnDOT
KB01-1 Development of Superpave 5 Asphalt Mix Designs for Minnesota Pavements Mihai Marasteanu Minnesota MnDOT
KB03-2 Wet Pond Maintenance for Phosphorus Retention John Gulliver Minnesota MnDOT/LRRB
KB03-3 Re-use of Regional Waste in Sustainably Designed Soils Marsha Patelke UM-Duluth LRRB
KB05-2 Towards Implementation of Max-Pressure Ssignal Timing on  Minnesotan Roads Michael Levin Minnesota LRRB
KB12-1 Capacity-Building for Public Representation and Engagement on Transportation Infrastructure and Finance Issues Kathryn Quick Minnesota LRRB
542b Evaluation of Curing Effects on Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR) Eshan Dave New Hampshire LRRB
554a Construction Incentives - Are they Working? Mohamed Diab Mankato State LRRB
557a Base Stabilization Additives - Effect on GE Bora Cetin Iowa State LRRB
TIRP Impact of Transitways on Travel on Parallel and Adjacent Roads Alireza Khani Minnesota MnDOT

Last updated December 18, 2018