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MnDOT and LRRB FY2019 Funding Awards

We are pleased to announce the following new research projects as selected by MnDOT and/or LRRB for the proposals received in response to the RFP issued in August 2017. Where available, the need statement for the proposal is posted below.

Proposal #/

Need Statement

Project Title Principal Investigator University Funding Source

489b (NS)


Reducing Winter Maintenance Equipment Fuel Consumption Using Advanced Vehicle Data Analytics Will Northrop Minnesota MnDOT

490d (NS)


Detecting Pile Length of Sign Structures and High Mast Poles Bojan Guzina Minnesota MnDOT
491c (NS) Review and Assessment of Past MnDOT Bridge Barrier Types William Williams Texas A&M MnDOT
493b (NS) Generating Traffic Information from Connected Vehicle V2V Basic Safety Messages M. Levin / J. Hourdos Minnesota MnDOT
494a (NS) Quantifying Benefits of Improved Compaction  Chris Williams Iowa State MnDOT
495b (NS) Test Methods for Verification of Low-Temperature Cracking Resistance of Asphalt Binders and Mixtures David Newcomb Texas A&M MnDOT
497a (NS) Measuring the Economic Impact of Rural Transit Service in Greater Minnesota Jeremy Mattson NDSU MnDOT
498b (NS) Assessment of Bridge Decks with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Reinforcement Behrouz Shafei Iowa State MnDOT
500a (NS) Guidance for Separated/Buffered Bike Lanes With Delineators John Hourdos Minnesota LRRB
501b (NS) Evaluating the Impact of Local Expenditures on State and Regional Transportation Facilities Jerry Zhao Minnesota LRRB
502a (NS) Deploy and Test a Smartphone Based Accessible Traffic Information System for the Visually Impaired Chen-Fu Liao Minnesota MnDOT
503c (NS) A Guide to Successfully Convert Severely Distressed Paved Roads to Unpaved Roads Laura Fay Montana State LRRB
506c (NS) Criteria and Guidelines for Three-Lane Road Design and Operation. Gary A. Davis Minnesota LRRB
507a (NS) Design Standards for Unobstructed Sight Lines at Left-turn Lanes David Noyce Wisconsin LRRB
508d (NS) Workforce planning and human resource development strategies for Minnesota’s public transportation agencies Kenneth Bartlett Minnesota LRRB
512a (NS) Use of J Band to Improve the Performance of the HMA Longitudinal Joint Chris Williams Iowa State MnDOT
513a (NS) Traffic Sign Life Cycle Evaluation (with scope reduction) Gene Hawkins Texas A&M MnDOT
517u (no NS) Expanding landowner adoption of snow control measures to improve public safety and achieve cost savings through a better understanding of landowner knowledge, attitudes and practices Dean Current Minnesota MnDOT
522u (no NS) Development of pavement condition forecasting for web-based asset management for County Governments Brad Wentz NDSU LRRB
KB01-2 (No NS) Regional Optimization of Roadside Turfgrass Seed Mixtures Phase 2: Regional Field Trials and Economic Analysis Eric Watkins Minnesota LRRB
KB02-1 (No NS) Techno-Economic Analysis of Implementing Hybrid Electric Utility Vehicles in Municipal Fleets Will Northrop Minnesota LRRB
KB03-3 (No NS) Design and Construction of Infiltration Facilities John Gulliver Minnesota LRRB
KB03-4 (No NS) Assessing culverts in Minnesota: fish passage and storm vulnerability Jessica Kozarek Minnesota LRRB
KB04-2 (No NS) Quantifying the Impacts of Complete Streets: The Case of Richfield Jerry Zhao Minnesota LRRB
KB07-1 (No NS) Development and Demonstration of an In-Vehicle Lane Departure Warning System using DSRC Based V2V Communication Imran Hayee UM-Duluth LRRB
KB08-1 (No NS) Innovative materials and advanced technologies for a sustainable pavement infrastructure Jia-Liang Le Minnesota LRRB
KB10-1 (No NS) Effectiveness of Teenage Driver Support System (TDSS) on Reducing Traffic Violation Behaviors for Teenage Drivers at the Early Time of Licensure Nichole Morris Minnesota LRRB

Last updated December 19, 2017