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Professional Technical Consultant Services

MnDOT's standard delivery method of proposals/responses is electronic. Hard copies may be requested in special circumstances. Refer to each individual solicitation for specific proposal submittal requirements.

When responding to a solicitation please make sure you are receiving a confirmation from MnDOT. If you do not, please reach out to the Contract Administrator identified in the solicitation.

PT Notices

MnDOT solicits P/T projects in a variety of ways. P/T notices are open to both pre-qualified consultants only and to the general public. Each section below describes the process being utilized, and the consultants eligible to respond. All documents on this page are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Potential Projects List

MnDOT maintains a list of potential, upcoming Professional/Technical projects. This list is updated on a regular basis, and is provided to help consultants plan and prepare for upcoming solicitations. Refer to the link below for the most up to date version.

Work Force and Equal Pay Declaration Page and Resident Vendor Form

In an effort to reduce the redundancy of forms being submitted during the solicitation process, consultants can now submit certain forms to Consultant Services. Consultant Services will save the forms so that they are accessible to all MnDOT contract administrators for review during a solicitation process. The following forms may be submitted to Consultant Services at ProfessionalTechnicalContractForms.dot@state.mn.us:

  • Workforce and Equal Pay Declaration Page MnDOT Consultant Services will only store this document if a firm is a Certificate Holder or Exempt. Must identify the certification end date on the document. If at any point there is a status change, you submit an updated declaration page. Please note, if the information on file is not up to date, it may impact payments or contract executions. If you are unsure of your certification end date visit Contractor Status / Minnesota.gov (mn.gov).
  • Resident Vendor Form Form must be submitted every 12 months OR if Resident Vendor status changes.

New Solicitation Forms Packet

In an effort to reduce the amount of data entry on the forms submitted with a solicitation, we've created a Solicitation Forms Packet in Adobe Forms. The packet is a compilation of the forms that may be required for a solicitation. The Adobe form will auto populate data entered, throughout the packet so it only needs to be entered once. The forms must be signed individually to acknowledge that each form was reviewed. This can also be found on the Contract Documents page. The posted solicitation will still include a regular .pdf of the forms if you would like to continue to use those.

Notices for Potential Responder Information and Feedback

Meeting Notices, Draft Scopes/Solicitations, Etc.

The following section is used to advertise informational notices. For example, informational meeting notices on an upcoming project; draft scopes of work/RFP's for industry review and/or comment; etc.

Meeting Notice: Minnesota Freight Network Optimization Tool RFP Information Meeting for Potential Respondents

The new RFP is still under review and expected to be published by September 2023 through a website called SWIFT. As soon as it is available for responses, you will be able to view it through the SWIFT Vendor Portal. Please bookmark that site and check regularly for the bidding opportunity. As a courtesy we will also update this section as soon as it is available in SWIFT. Please check often back as the status will be updated as appropriate.

Notices for Targeted Group (TG)/Veteran Owned (VET)/Economically Disadvantaged (ED) Consultants

Sheltered Market Pilot Project Request for Proposals

This Sheltered Market procurement is issued under the authority designated in Minnesota Statute §16C.16, subd. 6(c). Only businesses certified by the Office of Equity in Procurement as a TGB/ED/VO are eligible to respond. In order to be an eligible responder to submit a proposal for the following solicitation, the prime responder must be a certified at the time of posting and as a prime responder, must add value to the project.

Minnesota's commitment to diversity and inclusion

The State of Minnesota is committed to diversity and inclusion in its public procurement process. The goal is to ensure that those providing services to the State are representative of our Minnesota communities and include businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, and those with substantial physical disabilities. Creating broader opportunities for historically under-represented groups provides for additional options and greater competition in the marketplace, creates stronger relationships and engagement within our communities, and fosters economic development and equality.

Whenever possible, MnDOT strongly encourages the use of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE's), Targeted Group Businesses (TGB's) and Veteran Owned Businesses (VET).

Important note

The TGB and the DBE programs are different programs.  If a project has a TGB goal set, then responders must be looking at TGB firms for the goal.  Likewise, if a project has a DBE goal set, then responders must be looking at DBE firms. TGB and DBE are not used interchangeably.  For additional information about small business programs, please visit MnDOT’s Civil Rights website at mndot.gov/civilrights.

Notices Open To All Consultants

The following section lists all current P/T RFPs, Informal Solicitations and Quick Call for Proposals. Note: you do not need to be pre-qualified or on any current MnDOT Certified List Programs to respond to these advertisements. P/T solicitations will be posted solely on this webpage, along with all supporting documentation, addendums, questions and/or other related issues. As a potential responder, you are responsible for checking back for changes, addendums and/or questions that have been answered and posted. Each solicitation will identify the last date to submit questions, along with an anticipated date the answers will be posted.

Final Design of 3 J-turn Intersections

Brief description: MnDOT requests proposals for to deliver public engagement and final design of three J-turn intersection projects. The three projects are State Project (SP) 4903-77 (Trunk Highway (TH) 10 in Cushing), SP 7305-132 (at TH 23 and Stearns CSAH 8 in Rockville), and SP 7305-133 (at TH 23 and Bel Clare Drive in Waite Park). All three projects are scheduled for construction in 2027. The goal of this project is to is to develop final design plans sets for three J-turn intersection projects based on the respective approved layout.

Date posted: 07/11/2024
Due date:  08/12/2024

Preliminary and Final Design of Roundabout at TH 44/TH 76/Kingston Street Intersection Preliminary and Final Design for TH 76 Overlay from TH 44 to TH 16

Brief description: MnDOT requests proposals for the needs identified for two State Projects (SP) 2804-40 and 2807-29 in Houston County. SP 2804-40 is located at the intersection of Minnesota Trunk Highway 44 (TH 44)/TH 76 and Kingston Street in the city of Caledonia. This intersection has a history of right-angle crashes with contributing factors that include vertical curvature, intersection cross-section, rural/urban transition, and the merging and diverging traffic flows from two state routes. A single-lane roundabout is proposed at this location to maintain mobility while also specifically addressing right-angle crashes resulting from the combination of curvature, high speed, intersection width and striping. SP 2807-29 is an 11.3-mile bituminous overlay project located on TH 76 from the intersection of TH 76 and TH 44 to the intersection with TH 16 near Houston. This project will include bituminous overlay, culvert pipe replacements, linings, and repairs, guardrail replacement, slope repairs and the potential for structural snow fence. SP 2804-40 and SP 2807-29 will be developed and prepared as two separate plans sets with separate environmental documents. These separate plans will be tied together for letting and will require a single proposal to be prepared for letting purposes.

Date posted: 07/10/2024
Due date:  07/30/2024

Twin Cities-Fargo/Moorhead Transportation Corridor Study

Brief description: MnDOT requests proposals for assistance to develop and conduct the Twin Cities-Fargo/Moorhead Corridor Study (“Corridor Study”), to analyze data developed through and resulting from the Corridor Study, and to produce a report detailing the Corridor Study, data compiled, and data-driven conclusions for MnDOT and the Minnesota Legislature. The 2023 Omnibus Transportation Bill appropriated funding for MnDOT to conduct this study. The goal of this project is to produce a report that identifies and analyzes potential transportation service alternatives in the Corridor and use this analysis to develop recommendations for rail service development in the Corridor. This study will inform decision makers in planning for the future of transportation in the Corridor.

Date posted: 06/26/2024
Due date:  07/23/2024

Use of Innovative Sustainable and Durable Materials in Concrete Pavements

Brief description: In recent years, there has been a concerted effort to reduce greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions to slow the progression of global climate change. Infrastructure utilizing concrete has been identified as one area that can play a substantial role in CO2 reductions. According to Emission Database for Atmospheric Research, in 2016 2.3 billion tons of CO2 was produced by the cement industry. This accounted for 7 percent of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere that year. Thus, any progress toward lowering the carbon content of concrete helps in these efforts. The goal of this research project is to investigate the factors impacting the production and placement of concrete pavement utilizing various innovative materials designed to lower carbon content, as well as characterize the early life performance of test sections subject to the extreme climate of Minnesota. The goal of this research project is to investigate the factors impacting the production and placement of concrete pavement utilizing various innovative materials designed to lower carbon content, as well as characterize the early life performance of test sections subject to the extreme climate of Minnesota.

Date posted: 06/25/2024
Due date:  07/23/2024

Bat Presence / Probable Absence Surveys

Brief description: MnDOT needs various field investigations and surveys for the northern long-eared bat and tricolored bat in accordance with federal protocols. These surveys and investigations will support environmental review processes National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Endangered Species Act (ESA) Section 7 consultations in support of a proposed road reconstruction project. The proposed project may impact potentially suitable bat habitat via tree clearing and construction noise (e.g., pile driving, drilling, grinding).

Date posted: 06/24/2024
Due date:  07/11/2024

TH 55 Preferred Alternative selection and Complete Streets Preliminary Design

Brief description: MnDOT is planning to hire a consultant to assist in selecting a preferred alternative and completing concept development and preliminary design on Trunk Highway (TH) 55 (Olson Memorial Highway) in Minneapolis from the Bassett Creek Culvert (Bridge ID 5908) just west of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad to Oak Lake Avenue in the City of Minneapolis. The project is currently scoped as a mill and overlay but MnDOT is expecting to propose geometric improvements that would better serve the needs of MnDOT, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Metro Transit, the adjacent neighborhoods, and corridor users. The goal of this project is to select a preferred project alternative, development grant applications for project funding, and create a TH 55 layout which at the conclusion of this project can be finalized without any further public engagement.

Date posted: 06/12/2024
Due date:  07/16/2024 - Updated

Minnesota CAV Challenge

Brief description: The purpose of this project is to allow industry and transportation partners to propose innovative projects with the potential to advance Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) technologies in Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) desires a wide variety of project ideas from multiple organizations to establish Minnesota as a leader in CAV initiates. This solicitation is being conducted as an open, on-going request for proposals allowing potential responders to submit a proposal at any time. Proposals will be considered on a pre-determined review cycle outlined in this document. This is an opportunity for new and emerging CAV technologies to be developed, tested, and demonstrated in Minnesota. It is anticipated that this solicitation will result in multiple contract awards. The number of contracts awarded will depend on the size of projects submitted and available funding.

Date posted: 08/19/2020
Due date:  02/10/2023, 06/09/2023, 10/13/2023, 02/09/2024, 06/14/2024

Notices open only to pre-qualified consultants

In order to be eligible as a responder to submit a letter of interest to a project identified below, the prime consultant must 1) be pre-qualified in at least of one work type identified on the project, 2) be pre-qualified at the time the project is posted, 3) add value to the project, and 4) appear on the Official List posted with the project. Each project below has its own "Official List," which identifies the consultants who are eligible to submit for that specific project.

If the responder meets the eligibility requirements above but is not pre-qualified for the remaining work types deemed necessary for project, they must make arrangements to subcontract with firms that are pre-qualified in those work types.

When applicable, the consultant must identify in the letter of interest their sub-consultant(s), and which work type(s) the sub-consultant(s) will be completing. If there are not firms currently listed on the "Official List" for an identified work type(s), the consultant may provide the work themselves or they may subcontract with any firm.

Hwy 169 Corridor Multimodal Study

Brief Description: MnDOT requests letters of interest (LOI) from Consultants for partnership for MnDOT’s multimodal transportation study of U.S. Highway 169 (Highway 169) from I-394 in St. Louis Park/Golden Valley north to 101st Avenue in Brooklyn Park in coordination with local project partners, including the Metropolitan Council, Hennepin County, City of Brooklyn Park, City of Golden Valley, City of St. Louis Park, City of Maple Grove, City of New Hope, City of Osseo, and the City of Plymouth. This study is being carried out consistent with the guidance for Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) studies in 23 CFR Part 450 Planning Assistance and Standards and its Appendix A and PEL Handbook updated 2024. The goal of this project is to plan for multimodal infrastructure

Date posted: 06/24/2024
Due date: 08/01/2024