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Travel (Mileage) Reimbursement (January 2023)

Starting January 1, 2023, the standard IRS mileage rate for business use of a personal vehicle is increasing to .655 (cents) per mile. This new rate should be used for all contracts and consultant billing from January 1, 2023.

MnDOT Safe Harbor Program (June 2022)

In 2019, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approved the use of the Safe Harbor Overhead Rate Program for the consultant overhead rate calculation with a cap of 110%. The purpose of this program is to allow time for engineering consulting firms to satisfy the requirements of Part 31 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation for Overhead Calculations.

In 2022, MnDOT established a Safe Harbor Program for use with consultant contracts. Consulting firms that provide engineering and design-related services on fixed hourly rate contracts may be eligible to enroll in MnDOT’s Safe Harbor Program. This program allows a consulting firm to use MnDOT’s established Safe Harbor Overhead Rate of 110.00% of direct labor for the first two years that it is under contract to work with MnDOT.

To participate in the Safe Harbor Program, consultants must certify their intent and commitment to actively work with an accountant or bookkeeper to establish an accounting system, using QuickBooks or similar software. 

Solicitation Language for Contracting with Community-Based Organizations (February 2022)

MnDOT has developed recommended language that could be used in lieu of (or in addition) to the existing solicitation language when interested in contracting or sub-contracting with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) for engagement/communications work activities. 

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Pre-Qualification Program

Find out more about MnDOT's Pre-Qualification Program. Find links to work types, application process and lists of approved consultants.

Disclaimer: Any outside entity relying on MnDOT’s Pre-Qualification Program lists to determine whether a firm is "qualified" to perform that entity’s work should perform its own due diligence to determine and confirm the qualifications of any listed firm.

Certified List Programs

Consultants who wish to apply for any of the Certified List Programs listed below may do so only when a public notice is posted and open to all consultants. The Certified List Programs below are not open on a continuous basis.

Construction Contract Dispute Resolution Service Certified List 2021

Firms that have been pre-approved to provide Construction Contract Dispute Resolution Services for MnDOT:
Approved Vendors (PDF)

Executed contracts

Following are monthly lists of MnDOT’s executed PT contracts, by specified date range. The last year of reports are posted.