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Update 12/20/2021: MnDOT has transitioned to accepting Pre-Qualification Program applications all electronically. This change continues to support social distancing and the adjustment to a more remote working community. Effective today, please submit questions and application packages electronically to the Pre-Qualification Program email box at: PreQualificationProgram.dot@state.mn.us. Note: Work type definitions will be updated to reflect this soon!

Work Types

Pre-Qualification Program Work Types

All documents on this page are in Word format unless noted otherwise.

1.0 Preliminary Design

2.0 Highway Design

3.0 Bridge Design

4.0 Bridge Inspection

5.0 Environmental Studies

6.0 Materials Testing

7.0 Transportation Planning

8.0 Right of Way Assistance

9.0 Land Surveys

10.0 PhotoGrammetric Mapping and Aerial Imagery

11.0 Construction Inspection/Contract Administration

12.0 Cultural Resources

13.0 Hydraulic Structure Inspection, Location and Repair

14.0 Traffic Engineering

15.0 Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

16.0 Value Engineering

17.0 Roundabouts

18.0 Transportation Landscape Architecture

19.0 Asbestos and Regulated Waste

20.0 Project Management

21.0 Public Engagement and Communications

22.0 Transportation Research & Innovation Assistance and Library Support Services

23.0 Document Review

24.0 Building Services