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Pre-Qualification Program


This document provides an overview of the Pre-Qualification Program, including program background, program maintenance information, and how contracts are executed under the program.

Pre-Qualification Program Overview (.DOCX)

Pre-Qualification Work Type News/ Updates

  • Work type updated: 1.1 Environmental Documentation has been updated. Class I has been removed. Posted reports will be updated to reflect this shortly. (updated 8/30/19) 
  • Work type updated: The 19.0 series has been updated. (updated 8/29/19) 
  • Work type updated: 6.9 Soils Analysis & Recommendations; 9.4 Design/Location Surveys; 9.5 Right-of-Way Surveys; 9.6 Land Surveys (updated 8/23/19) 
  • Work type updated: 21.1 Communications and Engagement Project Management  and 21.2 Community Relations and Business Outreach. Refer to Work Type Definitions link to the right for additional information. (updated 7/10/19)
  • Work type updated: 11.3 Construction Surveying, 11.7 Construction Contract Administration and 12.1 Archaeological Studies. Refer to Work Type Definitions link to the right for additional information. (updated 6/12/19)

Application/Renewal Process

This document provides information on the Pre-Qualification Application and Renewal Process, including an overview of how the application and renewal process works, and the documentation required to apply for/renew work type pre-qualification.

Pre-Qualification Application/Renewal Process (.DOCX)

MnDOT's Pre-Qualification Program request for renewals has begun. The process has been streamlined to make it easier for firms submitting and work type committees who review the renewals. If your Pre-Qualification contact person has changed, please notify Dennis Wong to update this information.

Application Evaluation

Pre-Qualification for each work type will be determined on a pass/fail basis. An applicant must satisfy both the "Administrative Requirements" AND the requirements of the "Work Type Definition and Submittal Requirements" to be pre-qualified.  MnDOT's Pre-Qualification Administrator will determine if the administrative portion of the submittal satisfies the requirements of Pre-Qualification Program. MnDOT's work type selection committee will determine if the application fulfills the requirements of the Work Type Definition and Submittal Requirements.

Disposition of Responses

All materials submitted in a Pre-Qualification Application will become property of the state and will become public record after the evaluation process is completed and the pre-qualification determination made. If the Consultant submits information within a Pre-Qualification Application that it believes to be trade secret materials, as defined by the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minn. Stat. § 13.37, the Consultant must:

Clearly mark all trade secret materials in its response at the time the response is submitted; include a statement with its response justifying the trade secret designation for each item; and defend any action seeking release of the materials it believes to be trade secret, and indemnify and hold harmless the State, its agents and employees, from any judgments or damages awarded against the State in favor of the party requesting the materials, and any and all costs connected with that defense. This indemnification survives the State’s award of a contract. In submitting a pre-qualification application, the Responder agrees that this indemnification survives as long as the trade secret materials are in possession of the State.

MnDOT is required to keep all the basic documents related to its contracts, including Pre-Qualification Applications, for a minimum of seven years.