Minnesota Department of Transportation

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Professional Technical Consultant Services



General contracting questions should be directed to the Consultant Services Help Line. Contract-specific questions should be directed to the Contract Administrator.

General Contact Information

Consultant Services Help Line:

Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-4:00PM
651-366-4611 (phone)
651-366-4770 (fax)

Please note: This help line is ONLY for P/T Contract Related assistance. For any other MnDOT Related questions, please contact the MnDOT Information Center at 651-296-3000.

Specific Roles



All staff are currently telecommuting. If you cannot reach them by phone, please send an email or call the Consultant Services Help Line. Thank you.

Debbie Anderson Contracts 651-366-4625
Kelly Arneson Pre-Qualification Program - Lead, TTAA, Contracts 651-366-4774
Melissa Brand Requisitions - GEC Work Orders Only, Pre-Qualification Direct Selects, Website, Potential Projects 651-366-4644
Sue Buhl Accounting/Funding, Budget Reports, Project ID Numbers, Encumbrances, Payments, Invoice Work Flow 651-366-4670
Ashley Duran District/Office Support, Contract Reviews, Requisitions, Contracts 651-366-4627
Nicole Peszynski Encumbrances 651-366-4605
Dalia Jorge Evaluation Forms, Contract Closeouts 651-366-4632
Jason Paul Contracts 651-366-4692
Erik Martin Routing/Status on Documents, Expiration Alert E-Mail 651-366-4601
Angie Miller Payments, Invoice Work Flow 651-366-4606
Dennis Wong Pre-Qualification Progam Administrator 651-366-4604