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Coarse Aggregate Alkali Silica Reactivity (ASR)


MnDOT Specification for Concrete Pavement and Concrete Bridge Decks require mitigation of reactive coarse aggregate identified as quartzite or gneiss.


  • MnDOT requires mitigation based upon the alkali silica reactivity (ASR) ASTM C1293 expansion test results for each individual coarse aggregate source.
  • Review MnDOT Specifications to determine mitigation requirements.
  • Contact the MnDOT Concrete Unit if the proposed coarse aggregate source is not listed on the table below.

ASTM C1293 Test Results

Pit Number Coarse Aggregate Source Expansion Result
17001 Quartzite - Jeffers 0.095
52003 Quartzite - New Ulm 0.082
65065 Gneiss - Briellmaier 0.051
87002 Gneiss - Granite Falls 0.033
92001 Quartzite - Dell Rapids 0.114
92003 Quartzite - Sioux Falls 0.095