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MnDOT Concrete Pavements and Rehabilitation

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MnDOT Concrete Pavement Rehab Program


Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation is an extremely valuable tool to MnDOT in the effort to maintain our concrete pavements. The repair standards were developed in the early 1980's and revised yearly since. Great strides in technology were made in the first years, while more recently the changes have been minor as current techniques are now working well.

It is recommended that investigation into soundness of the pavement be performed before a project and specific repairs are decided upon. This investigation should include 'chaining' the pavement, coring and sometimes milling at the joints to determine severity of deterioration, and coring near and far away from the joints to test for freeze-thaw durability.


For more information about the basic types of concrete repairs and general uses and guidelines for each type of repair - Contact the Concrete Engineering Unit.


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Concrete Texture Planning

Type A Repairs

Type B Repairs

Type C3D Repairs

Type D Repairs


MnDOT Concrete Rehabilitation Boiler Plates


**CD-HV and CX Repair Details have been revised to include 11 dowel bars per lane instead of the previously published 8 dowel bars per lane.


**Please review the revised memo to discuss changes to the details.


Changes have been made to all of the CPR details as of November 2011. The previous CPR details and the State Aid Repair Details have been modified and combined. Please review 2011 CPR Memo for details about specific changes.


The CPR Boiler Plates may be viewed either by Microstation or Adobe Acrobat. Either file includes all of the details.


2011 CPR Memo with Changes and Boiler Plates (Rev. 11-2012) - Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf)


CPR Boiler Plates (REVISED 11-1-2012) - Microstation (*.dgn)


Worksheets for doing repair estimates - link to …Forms

MnDOT Concrete Paving Program


Alkali Silica Reactivity – ASTM C1260 and ASTM C1293 testing – ASR C-1260 14 day expansion test results


Texture SpecificationsTexture Specifications




Concrete Smoothness RequirementsSmoothness


Forms for concrete pavingForms


Forms for concrete mix designsMix Designs


Operation of MIT SCAN T2 Device – Guide to using the MIT SCAN T2 Device for Locating Reinforcement Bars and Dowel Bar Baskets