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MnDOT Certified Ready-Mix Program

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Certified Ready-Mix Program

MnDOT has developed a program for the quality control of concrete production under a Certification program for ready-mix concrete plants.


It shall be the Contractor's responsibility to make certain that all ready-mix concrete being used on this Contract (other than mainline paving) shall be produced by a certified ready-mix plant.


Requirements of Standardized Certificates of Compliances

As part of the requirements of the MnDOT Certified Ready-Mix Program, in 2004 MnDOT required all ready-mix plants who supply concrete to Agency projects to produce a standardized ticket. The requirements for the standardized ticket include labeling and identifying all of the information the same way, as well as calculating the columns according to MnDOT Specifications. When Plant Monitors review the ready-mix plant once a year with the Producer's representative, while completing the contact report they verify the certificates of compliance meet these requirements.


Approved Certificates of Compliance Programs

This approved list identified manufacturers of batching systems whose programs are capable of complying with MnDOT requirements for a standardized certificate of compliance.


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