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Pavement Construction

Concrete Mix Designs

Request forms for mix designs and job mix formulas (JMF) for certified ready-mix, concrete paving, bridges and precast/prestress concrete
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Mix Design Request Submittals


Email Mix Design requests to:



Concrete Engineering Unit


If emailing is unavailable, please fax to:




MnDOT Office of Materials Concrete Engineering Unit
Mailstop 645
1400 Gervais Avenue
Maplewood, MN  55109



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MnDOT Designed

Mix Design Request Form required to be submitted by the Agency

MnDOT Designed


Contractor Mix Design - MnDOT 3137 Gradation

For General Concrete not requiring a JMF, Paving Projects less than 3500 cubic yards, High Performance Bridge Projects not requiring a JMF, and Pilot Projects. 

Contractor 3137 Mix Design Submittal


Contractor Mix Design - Job Mix Formula (JMF)

For General Concrete requiring a JMF, Paving Projects 3500 cubic yards or greater, and High Performance Bridge Projects requiring a JMF. 

Contractor JMF Mix Design Submittal


Contractor Mix Design - Precast/Prestress

For Precast Concrete. 

Contractor Precast Mix Design