Minnesota Department of Transportation

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Design System

Resources for creating a unified digital experience

This system is designed to make MnDOT communications clearer and more effective, creating a unified, consistent experience for all of our key audiences.


  • Getting started: Our principles and rules that govern our digital content, including definitions and legal requirements.
  • Brand guide: Our guidelines for maintaining a strong visual brand.
  • Style guide: Our guidelines that define how we write for digital channels.
  • Accessibility and inclusion: The standards we adhere to for accessible and inclusive digital experiences.
  • Social media: Our content standards for social media channels.
  • Website content: Our standards for affectively managing web content.
  • Website components: Content types and elements we use on our websites.


This design system is for everyone that creates content and material for the agency. It incorporates the latest design standards and best practices from across Minnesota government to make sure it's representative and relevant for it's users.

You can contribute to the Design System by proposing a new component, template or standard.