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Design System

Content lifecycle

Assess, Create, Revise, Launch, Maintain


Learn everything you can about the current content landscape:

  • Content inventory
  • Content audit
  • User needs and expectations
  • Organization goals
  • Organization capacity for content creation and maintenance
  • Stakeholder and user interviews

Determine who your key stakeholders are, and what roles they will play with the content:

  • Content owner
  • Subject matter expert
  • Contributor
  • Reviser
  • Maintainer/Assessor
  • Signoff power

Determine what success looks like. Formulate a plan to track progress against specific measurable goals ideally tied to your organization's goals, including:

  • Web traffic analytics
  • Conversions
  • Signups
  • Customer service volume


Perform exercises and/or workshops to gather ideas and gain consensus about how to structure content.
Prepare draft/mockup content:

  • Revise, restructure, and/or rewrite current content
  • Write new content
  • Create mockup on development platform


Gather feedback from stakeholders and make changes:

  • Content owner/subject matter expert
  • Legal reviewer
  • Spelling and grammar proofreader
  • Voice and tone reviewer
  • Web principles and guidelines reviewer
  • Signoff reviewer

Perform testing and quality assurance:

  • Usability testing


Bring your mockup to life:

  • Remove old content from live server
  • Put new content on the live server
  • Adjust A to Z listings
  • Ensure content is being indexed properly by search engines

Announce your new content to the world with a communications plan.


Develop and execute a maintenance plan for each piece of content:

  • Determine who is responsible and accountable
  • Determine how often it should be reviewed
  • Determine next date for review
  • Remove content at expiration date, and delete or archive it

Accommodate for ongoing assessment:

  • Continue to measure progress against stated goals
  • Make adjustments as necessary

The MnDOT Office of Communications can provide help through all five phases of the content lifecycle.