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Historic Roadside Properties

on Minnesota Highways

Treatment reports

MnDOT has prepared treatment reports for wayside properties determined eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places (or listed on the National Register or located within a National Register site or district). These reports analyze conditions and include detailed information about a site's:

  • spatial organization and land patterns
  • topography
  • vegetation
  • circulation
  • structures, furnishings, and objects
  • health and safety concerns
  • environmental concerns
  • accessibility considerations

In some cases, reports suggest ways to adapt the site to meet new uses or suggest ways to enhance the property through roadway design. In all cases, reports include recommendations that will retain National Register-eligibility. Reports also include cost estimates for three comparative treatments: stabilization (critical needs), preservation, and restoration.

Reports available via MnDOT Data Practices process

Treatment reports have been created for the properties listed below. To request a specific report, submit a Data Practices request and request a "Historic Roadside Property Treatment Report" and include the name of the site for the report(s) you are requesting.

A to Ma
  • Avoca Historical Marker
  • Birch Coulee Historical Marker
  • Browns Valley Historical Marker
  • Burns Avenue Overlook
  • Camp Release State Memorial Wayside
  • Camp Ripley Entrance Walls
  • Cascade River Overlook
  • Chaska Historical Marker
  • Christmas Lake Roadside Parking Area
  • Cold Spring Roadside Parking Area
  • Craigie Flour Mill Historical Marker
  • Fond du Lac Culvert (Bridge 5757)
  • Fort Beauharnois Historical Marker
  • Garrison Concourse (PDF)
  • Garrison Pedestrian Underpass (Bridge 5265) (PDF)
  • Glenwood Overlook
  • Gooseberry Falls Concourse
  • Graceville Historical Marker (PDF)
  • Graeser Park
  • Granite Falls Overlook
  • Inspiration Point Wayside Rest
  • Kenney Lake Overlook
  • Kensington Runestone Replica R.P.A.
  • Lake City Concourse
  • Lester River Bridge (Bridge 5772)
  • Mantorville Retaining Walls (PDF)
  • Marine on the St. Croix R.P.A.
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