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Historic Roadside Properties

on Minnesota Highways

Inventory Forms

Inventory forms contain historical information used to determine National Register of Historic Places-eligibility for MnDOT’s historic roadside development structures.  MnDOT has additional information in files.  Whenever available, files contain:

  • original construction plans
  • a sketch map (if the current site differs from available plans)
  • a U. S. Geological Survey topographical map
  • a right-of-way map (for National Register-eligible sites only)
  • black and white prints
  • color slides
  • photocopies of historical photographs
  • photocopied documentation from previous cultural resource reviews
  • photocopies of historical background information

For information about the items in each inventory form, see Guide to the Inventory Form (PDF, 97 KB).

View an inventory form

To view an inventory form, select it from the lists below. These PDF reports range in size from 90KB to 500KB.

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