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Historic Roadside Properties

on Minnesota Highways


Published in June 2020


Historic Roadside Structures on Minnesota Trunk Highways

Published December 1998

Description: This is the first statewide survey of 102 Roadside Properties constructed pre-1961 with standing structures. It includes research used to develop the historic context, biographic information on early designers and staff, Federal Relief Programs associated, and several lists and indexes organized by site type, features, designers, construction, and more. This survey was created in parallel with individual inventories and an evaluation of each site. The inventories are linked on the Inventory page

Supplement to Historic Roadside Structures on Minnesota Trunk Highways

Description: Revised material for 1998 report with eight additional properties, updates, and corrections. Published in 2005.


Reports for individual properties in the research

  • Inventory forms for each Historic Roadside Development Structures property (features, background, significance, etc.).
  • Treatment reports for properties eligible/listed on the National Register of Historic Places (restoration recommendations and cost estimates)