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Historic Roadside Properties

on Minnesota Highways


Minnesota Trunk Highway Roadside Properties, 1932-1975: A Cumulative Study

(Published in June 2020)

  • Volume I (PDF, 22.8 KB, TOC, Methodology, Historic Context, Eligible Properties)
  • Volume II – A (PDF 18.4 KB, Not Eligible Properties: Adrian to Christmas Lake)
  • Volume II – B (PDF 47.1 KB, Not Eligible Properties: Christmas Lake to Granite Falls Overlook)
  • Volume II – C (PDF 28.9 KB, Not Eligible Properties: Granite Falls Overlook to Mendota Overlook)
  • Volume II – D (PDF 31.5 KB, Not Eligible Properties: Mendota Overlook to Round Lake)
  • Volume II – E (PDF 26.1 KB, Not Eligible Properties: Round Lake to References-end)

Minnesota Trunk Highway Roadside Properties 1950-75, Historic Context and Evaluation Study

(Published 2016)


Full Report

Historic Roadside Structures on Minnesota Trunk Highways (PDF, 3.8MB)

(Published in 2000)

Report by chapter:

Supplement to Historic Roadside Structures on Minnesota Trunk Highways (PDF, 3.75MB)

Revised with 8 additional properties, updates, and corrections. (Published in 2005)

Reports for individual properties in the research

  • Inventory forms for each Historic Roadside Development Structures property (features, background, significance, etc.).
  • Treatment reports for properties eligible/listed on the National Register of Historic Places (restoration recommendations and cost estimates)
  • See a list of sites to visit (Includes the map from the report; 1.6 MB)

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