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Landform sediment assemblages

Mn/Model Phase 4

Minnesota Statewide Archaeological Predictive Model

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Phase 4 Modeling Schedule

Surface hydrography model


Phase 4 models will be developed for Ecological Classification System Subsections. Modeling priority is based on several factors:




Modeling Schedule

ECS Subsection
Big Woods
Minnesota River Prairie
The Blufflands
Chippewa Plains
Rochester Plateau

St. Paul-Baldwin Plains and Moraines

Red River Prairie
Oak Savanna
Coteau Moraines
Inner Coteau
Anoka Sand Plain
St. Louis Moraines and Tamarack Lowlands
Pine Moraines and Outwash Plains
Aspen Parklands
Agassiz Lowlands and Littlefork-Vermillion Uplands
Hardwood Hills
North Shore Highlands
Mille Lacs Uplands, Glacial Lake Superior Plan, and St. Croix Moraine
Laurentian Uplands, Nashwauk Uplands, and Toimi Uplands
Border Lakes






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Mn/Model was financed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation using funds set aside by the Federal Highway Administration's Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act.


Copyright Notice

The Mn/Model process and the predictive models it produced are copyrighted by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), 2000. They may not be used without MnDOT's Consent.