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10m digital elevation model

Mn/Model Phase 4

Minnesota Statewide Archaeological Predictive Model

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Phase 4 Data

Hudric soils

Higher resolution, more complete data are the key to improving the archaeological predictive models. For Phase 4 of MnModel, MnDOT has developed several new datasets.


MnDOT has acquired high resolution geomorphic mapping (landscape suitability models) for several new areas:


In addition, several sources of environmental data have been made available or enhanced since Phase 3 of Mn/Model was completed.






















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Mn/Model was financed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation using funds set aside by the Federal Highway Administration's Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act.


Copyright Notice

The Mn/Model process and the predictive models it produced are copyrighted by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), 2000. They may not be used without MnDOT's Consent.