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Federal/StateAid Construction


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Contract Guidance


State Aid Manual

Mn/DOT Contract Administration Manual 

Mn/DOT's Construction Tools website

State Aid Construction Tools website

Delegated Contract Process Guidelines and Forms

ADA Guidance

ADA Training Modules


Preconstruction Items--Federal Aid Projects

Preconstruction Items--State Aid Projects

Contract Changes--Forms and Instructions

Contract Changes Submittal Checklist (Non-Force Account)

Independent Assurance

SALT Schedule of Materials Control

Lab Certification Technical Memo

New Laboratory Testing and Inspection Services Form

Audit Requirements

Lane Closure Form

Trunk Highway Impact Contact Form


Finalizing Projects

DCP Final Checklist

Checklist for Doing CAARS Finals in the Field

CAAR Final Checklist--complete list of required items to be submitted

Federal/State Aid Construction

The Federal-State Aid Construction section provides local agencies with assistance, guidance, and training for all aspects of contract administration after award of bids. This includes pre-construction meetings, review and approval of contract changes, site visits, final inspections, and approval of reimbursements to local agency.