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Transportation forecasts


Transportation fund statements

MnDOT, in consultation with MMB, prepares fund statements for six transportation funds. These fund statements are prepared in November and February of each fiscal year. Additional updates are prepared each year at the end of the legislative session to incorporate law changes impacting the transportation funds.


MnDOT prepares fund statements for the following funds:


These forecasts are prepared based on the same statutory requirements as the state’s General Fund forecast (M.S. 16A.103) and are also based on the statutory requirement in M.S. 174.03, subdivision 9. The vast majority of state funding for highways in Minnesota is provided by funding from the Trunk Highway Fund (THF), the County State Aid Highway Fund (CSAH), and the Municipal State Aid Street Fund (MSAS). These three funds receive funding from the Highway User Tax Distribution Fund (HUTD). All four of these funds were created in Article XIV of the Minnesota Constitution.

Financial snapshot, end of 2014 legislative session update

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