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What is Planning and Programming?

MnDOT’s Planning and Programming responsibilities consist of a range of activities. These include writing plans, conducting data analysis, reviewing performance outcomes, and managing the capital program.

Current Activities

MnDOT is updating Minnesota’s State Aviation System Plan. The SASP is part of MnDOT’s Family of Plans, which stem from the Minnesota GO 50-year Vision. Review the public outreach plan and view the events calendar.

MnDOT is seeking stakeholder feedback on a preliminary draft approach to implementing Minnesota Laws 2017, Chapter 3, Section 124, which requires a new transparent and objective project selection policy. Learn more about the new project selection policy.

News & Notes

MnDOT finalized updates to the Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan, 20-Year Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan in January 2017. Visit MinnesotaGO to read the final plans.

The Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan was updated in June 2017. View the final plan.

In January 2018, MnDOT released the 2017 Minnesota Statewide Freight System and Investment Plan. It describes Minnesota’s freight transportation system and its role in the state’s economy, current and emerging industry trends, the performance of the freight transportation system, and current and future issues and needs. It plan also includes an action agenda for MnDOT and its partners to advance a number of strategies that will improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of the freight system.

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