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General PT Contract Questions

Please note: This help line is ONLY for PT Contract Related assistance. For any other MnDOT Related questions, please contact the MnDOT Information Center at 651-296-3000.

Contract specific questions should be directed to the Contract Administrator.

PT Contract Financial Support Topics

Annual Overhead Analysis and Pre-Award Review

Contract Close Out Process [including Performance Evaluation Forms]

Invoice and Payment Questions

Request to Update the Project Manager and/or Contract Administrator in CAATS

Safe Harbor Rate Program

Taxpayers' Transportation Accountability Act (TTAA)

All Other Financial Support Questions

PT Contract District/Office Support Topics

PT Contract Support for MnDOT Districts and Specialty Offices

Consultant Services Web Postings [including Potential Projects]

Nick Wolner | cc: Melissa Brand and Ashley Duran

Consultant Services Contract Administrators

Jason Alcott, Debbie Anderson, Kelly Arneson, Dan Duffy, Mike Friberg, Sundae Meyer, Crystal Neihart

PT Program and Document Support Topics

PT Contract Document Routing/Status

Pre-Qualification Program

General Engineering Consultant (GEC) Programs