Minnesota Department of Transportation

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Professional Technical Consultant Services



General contracting questions should be directed to the Consultant Services Help Line. Contract-specific questions should be directed to the Contract Administrator.

General Contact Information

Consultant Services Help Line:

Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-4:00PM
651-366-4611 (phone)
651-366-4770 (fax)

Please note: This help line is ONLY for P/T Contract Related assistance. For any other MnDOT Related questions, please contact the MnDOT Information Center at 651-296-3000.

Specific Roles

Contact Expertise Phone
Debbie Anderson Contracts 651-366-4625
Kelly Arneson Pre-Qualification Program - Lead, TTAA, Contracts 651-366-4774
Melissa Brand Requisitions - GEC Work Orders Only, Pre-Qualification Direct Selects 651-366-4644
Sue Buhl Accounting/Funding, Budget Reports, Project ID Numbers, Encumbrances, Payments, Invoice Work Flow 651-366-4670
Ashley Duran District/Office Support, Contract Reviews, Requisitions, Contracts 651-366-4627
Nicole Peszynski Encumbrances 651-366-4605
Dalia Jorge Evaluation Forms, Contract Closeouts 651-366-4632
Kendall Lausche Contracts, Website, Potential Projects 651-366-4692
Erik Martin Routing/Status on Documents, Expiration Alert E-Mail 651-366-4601
Mike Friberg Payments, Invoice Work Flow 651-366-4606
Dennis Wong Pre-Qualification Progam Administrator 651-366-4604