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P/T Notices

MnDOT solicits P/T projects in a variety of ways. P/T notices are open to both pre-qualified consultants only and to the general public. Each section below describes the process being utilized, and the consultants eligible to respond.

Notices for Potential Responder Information and Feedback

This section is used to advertise informational notices. For example, informational meeting notices on an upcoming project; draft scopes of work/RFP's for industry review and/or comment; etc.

POTENTIAL UPCOMING PROJECT - I-35W, SP 6284-180 North MnPASS, Design Build Verification Contract

Brief Description: Work with MnDOT as the Design-Build Verification Consultant (DBVC), which will be called the Contractor throughout this draft scope of work, attached below. Collectively the MnDOT Staff and Contractor are collectively known as the DBVT for the SP 6284-180 I35W North MNPASS Design-Build Project (Project).  Contractor will provide design verification and contract administration for the Project.  The goal of the DBVC contract is that MnDOT receives assistance in performing the tasks necessary to verify that the Design-Build Construction Contractor (DB Contractor) is meeting all requirements of the design-build conformed contract for the Project.

A RFP is expected to be released January 2018. Project Letting is September 2018. Construction is April 2019 to November 2021. To learn about the project visit this website: http://www.dot.state.mn.us/designbuild/i35w-north-mnpass/index.html. Additional information may be posted here, ahead of the RFP release, as it becomes available. Anything posted at this time is considered to be in DRAFT format, and is subject to change.

Contact the Project manager for more information: Jerome Adams, 651-234-7611.

Department of Administration, State Designer Selection Board RFP for Designer Selection for Project 18-01, MnDOT Safety Rest Area Building Replacement and Site Rehabilitation at Clear Lake SRA and Des Moines River SRA

Brief Description: The State of Minnesota through its State Designer Selection Board has been requested to select a Design Team for above referenced project.

Date Posted: 01/02/18
Due Date: 01/24/18

Minnesota's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The State of Minnesota is committed to diversity and inclusion in its public procurement process. The goal is to ensure that those providing services to the State are representative of our Minnesota communities and include businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, and those with substantial physical disabilities. Creating broader opportunities for historically under-represented groups provides for additional options and greater competition in the marketplace, creates stronger relationships and engagement within our communities, and fosters economic development and equality.

Whenever possible, MnDOT strongly encourages the use of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE's), Targeted Group Businesses (TGB's) and Veteran Owned Businesses (VET).

Notices Open to All Consultants

The following section lists all current P/T RFPs and Informal Solicitations. Note: you do not need to be pre-qualified or on any current MnDOT Certified List Programs to respond to these advertisements. P/T RFPs and Informal Solicitations will be posted solely on this webpage, along with all supporting documentation, addendums, questions and/or other related issues. As a potential responder, you are responsible for checking back for changes, addendums and/or questions that have been answered and posted. Each RFP/Informal Solicitation will identify the last date to submit questions, along with an anticipated date the answers will be posted.

Golden Valley Truck Station Campus Master Plan

Brief Description: The goal of this project is to produce a comprehensive Campus Master Plan encompassing the Golden Valley Truck Station site to meet the needs of MnDOT and the State Patrol. The Master Plan will include estimates of probable cost to be used to present capital needs in the MnDOT Capital Facilities Investment Plan and future solicitations to the Legislature. The Master Plan will also need to present prioritization and staging scenarios including the option of allowable deferred maintenance. The intended end result of the Master Plan is that it be used as the foundation document to support a bonding year solicitation to the Legislature for design and construction funds.

Date Posted: 01/18/18
Due Date: 02/20/18

Bridge 2400 Rehabilitation Design - Peer Review (3rd Avenue Bridge)

Brief Description: The goal of this project is to complete a peer review of the rehabilitation design for historic Bridge 2440 in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Date Posted: 01/17/18
Due Date: 02/22/18 02/09/18 (original date was posted in error)

Connected & Automated Vehicle (CAV) Strategic Plan

Brief Description: The goals of this project are to:

  • Develop reference scenarios to help MnDOT and partners understand a range of potential futures.
  • Use the scenarios to inform current and future long-range planning, regulatory, programming, design, operations, and business planning efforts.
  • Identify short term, mid-term, and long-term opportunities for policy, regulations, partnerships, research, pilot demonstrations and technology deployments.
  • Increase the probability of achieving the potential benefits of CAV technology in MN and reduce the risks, confusion and potential negative implications of the technology in MN.
  • Develop a communications plan for MnDOT, stakeholders and partners to describe steps being taken to prepare for these new technologies.

Date Posted: 01/16/18
Due Date: 02/22/18

Lake Superior Outfalls Protection

Brief Description: The goal of this project is to find a solution to the plugging of the storm sewer pipes, the excessive maintenance, and the flooding of the freeway during periods of high winds in Lake Superior. 

Date Posted: 01/02/18
Due Date: 01/25/18

Airport Pavement Management System Update - CY's 2018-2020

Brief Description: Pavement condition surveys, per the MicroPAVER pavement management method, will be conducted on one third of 107 paved, publicly licensed airports in Minnesota each year. The existing database will be updated with pavement condition data, and hard copy reports will be created for each airport surveyed during the associated year. The contract will be for three years, with an optional two year extension.

Date Posted: 01/02/18
Due Date: 01/25/18

Audiometric and Respirator Fit Testing

Brief Description: The Selected Responder will provide OSHA compliant audiometric hearing testing and respiratory fit testing to appropriate MnDOT employees, located throughout the state, in a timely manner.

Date Posted: 01/02/18
Due Date: 01/24/18

Notices Open to Pre-Qualified Consultants Only

Consultants must be pre-qualified in the identified work type(s) to respond to a Pre-Qualification Announcement. In order to submit a letter of interest to a project identified below, consultants must be pre-qualified at the time the announcement is posted. Each project below has its own "Official List," which identifies the consultants who are eligible to submit for that specific project. Please note: If consultants are not pre-qualified for all work types needed for project, they must make arrangements to subcontract with a firm(s) that is pre-qualified in the work type(s). If applicable, the consultant must identify in the letter of interest their sub-consultant(s), and which work type(s) the sub-consultant(s) will be completing. If there are not firms currently listed on the "Official List" for an identified work type(s), the consultant may provide the work themselves or they may subcontract with any firm.

Final Design Bituminous Reclamation Plans on TH55

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses for final design bituminous reclamation plans on TH 55 from the town of Barrett to the south Grant County Line. Services will include: TH 55 Road Construction Plans (Bituminous Reclamation) including turn lanes, one block of sidewalk, drainage and inclusion of box culvert plans done by the MnDOT Bridge Office.  Also included will be cooperative work in re-aligning Grant CSAH 5 south of Hoffman across the BNSF Rail line.

Date Posted: 01/22/18
Due Date: 02/05/18

Districtwide 1 Plant Inspection 2018

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses for bituminous plant and concrete plant inspection in District 1 for the 2018 construction season.

Date Posted: 01/11/18
Due Date: 01/30/18

  • Announcement (PDF)
  • Scope of Work (PDF)
  • Official List (PDF): Responders must be Pre-Qualified in the following Work Type(s) to respond to this announcement:
    • 11.5 Materials Sampling & Testing - Plant Inspection/Bituminous
    • 11.6 Materials Sampling & Testing - Plang Inspection/Concrete

Districtwide 1A Bridge Inspectors 2018

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses for bridge certified construction inspection in District 1 for the 2018 construction season.

Date Posted: 01/11/18
Due Date: 01/30/18

Districtwide 1A Grading & Base Inspectors 2018

Brief Description: MnDOT requests responses for three grading and base certified construction inspection in District 1 for the 2018 construction season.

Date Posted: 01/11/18
Due Date: 01/30/18