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This Consultant Corner page provides important information to the consultant community regarding Professional/Technical (P/T) contracting with MnDOT. Below, you will find notable changes to the P/T contracting process, helpful reference documentation and information, quick links to navigate through the Consultant Services website, and information on the MnDOT and Consultant Community Collaboration project.

DBE/TGB/VET Total Payment Affidavit

Reminder: When a small business goal is set on a project, consultants must complete and submit the appropriate Total Payment Affidavit to the Office of Civil Rights. The form should be submitted once all work contracted to be performed with the small business(es) has been satisfactorily completed. The Total Payment Affidavit is included as part of each Special Provisions Packet. Completed Affidavit can be emailed to: ocrformsubmissions.dot@state.mn.us or mailed to: Office of Civil Rights, 395 John Ireland Blvd., MS 170, St. Paul, MN 55155.

Notable Changes

Travel Reimbursement (January 2018)

The current, standard IRS mileage rate for business use of a personal vehicle is .545 (cents) per mile.

Work Force Certificates of Compliance

For contracts greater than $100,000, firms are required to have a current Work Force Certificate on file with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. In addition, for contracts greater than $500,000 firms are required to have a current Equal Pay Certificate.

What is a workforce certificate?

A workforce certificate is a certificate issued to a business by the Commissioner of Human Rights. The Commissioner issues the workforce certificate to a business upon reviewing its affirmative action plan.

What businesses need to obtain a workforce certificate of compliance?

Any business that employs 40 or more employees in a state and that seeks to enter into a contract for goods or services with the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, the Metropolitan Council, the Minneapolis Metropolitan Airports Commission, or the Metropolitan Mosquito Control Commission (bid award entities) that is over $100,000 or is likely to exceed $100,000.

Visit the Minnesota Department of Human Rights website for more information: https://mn.gov/mdhr/certificates/apply-renew/

If you have specific questions about your firms certification call or email the Minnesota Department of Human Rights:
651-536-1100 (Ask for Compliance) / compliance.MDHR@state.mn.us

AASHTOWare Access Provisions

P/T contracts that include AASHTOWare activities must adhere to the following agreements:

New Performance Evaluation Work Flow

MnDOT's new Performance Evaluation Work Flow Process is now in use. Please refer to the documents below for instructions:

If you have additional questions, after reviewing the documentation, please call the Consultant Services Help Line at 651-366-4611

Reference Documents/Information

Following are a few key reference documents that are beneficial for the consultant community.

Website Navigation Links

Following are links to other sections of the Consultant Services Website, for quick access:

MnDOT and Consultant Community Collaboration

MnDOT and the American Council of Engineering Companies of Minnesota (ACEC/MN) have worked together to establish a framework that supports the implementation of the strategies from the Consultant Contract Program Collaboration Project and promote a collaborative partnership structure for the future. The following groups have been established to continue ongoing collaboration between ACEC/MN and MnDOT:

ACEC/MN and MnDOT Executive Committee

The MnDOT and ACEC/MN Executive Committee, whose membership includes MnDOT executive staff and the ACEC Executive Leadership Team, is intended to nurture partnership, address common interests and needs, review progress on process improvement, share high-level strategy, and evaluate trends that impact either entity. Meetings are held quarterly. Kevin Cullen is the chairperson for ACEC/MN. Questions regarding the MnDOT and ACEC/MN Executive Committee may be directed to: kevin.cullen@tkda.com

ACEC/MN and MnDOT Collaboration Team

The ACEC/MN and MnDOT Collaboration Team meets periodically to address specific issues. This team serves as the main communication point for the implementation of the Consultant Contract Program Collaboration Project objectives, and any new items for joint consideration and working teams. Membership includes the MnDOT (CCCT and appointed ACEC/MN Transportation Committee volunteers. Kevin Cullen is the chairperson for ACEC/MN and Dawn Thompson is the chairperson for MnDOT. Questions regarding the ACEC/MN and MnDOT Collaboration Team may be directed to either chairperson: kevin.cullen@tkda.com or dawn.thompson@state.mn.us.

ACEC/MN and MnDOT Partnership Breakfasts

The MnDOT and ACEC/MN Partnership Breakfasts aim to involve and engage as many consultant community members and MnDOT staff as possible. These informal quarterly meetings will provide information and updates on issues and hot topics, process improvements, specific projects, and statewide initiatives, as well as general announcements from MnDOT and the consultant community. These partnership gatherings are open to all levels of consultants and MnDOT staff. John Crawford is the ACEC/MN key contact and Brad Hamilton is the key contact for MnDOT. Questions regarding the MnDOT and ACEC/MN Partnership Breakfasts may be directed to either key contact: john.crawford@kimley-horn.com  or brad.hamilton@state.mn.us.

ACEC/MN and MnDOT Working Teams

The Collaboration Team has facilitated several collaborative working teams in the past few years. Here are reports and results from completed collaborative working teams:

Currently, there is a collaborative Fixed Fee Working Team meeting regularly to develop recommendations for the improvement and consistency of how MnDOT determines fixed fee for consultant contracts. Questions regarding this working team may be directed to Brad Hamilton at brad.hamilton@state.mn.us

MnDOT Consultant Partnership Initiative Task Force

This group was originally formed by MnDOT’s Commissioner’s Office through Customer Relations as an initiative to improve all MnDOT partnering relationships. Led by co-chairs Amr Jabr (MnDOT) and Dale Grove (Stantec), the group met 3 to 4 times per year for the last two years to discuss and stay updated on relationships between MnDOT and the Consultant Community. Key outcome was the Project Manager Workshop: Understating Both Sides of the Fence (see below). Plans are currently in the works to put together a one day workshop to discuss ways to involve and engage all levels of MnDOT and the consultant community on relationship and partnership building.

DBE, TGB and Small Business Task Force and Roundtables

For the past three years, MnDOT has been meeting regularly, as needed, with the small business consultant community, specifically DBEs. Facilitated by Brad Hamilton and Sirish Samba (Sambatek), the group meets with the goal of increasing the visibility and opportunities for small businesses. The meetings also provide a forum for concerns, challenges, networking and sharing between MnDOT and the community.

MnDOT Open Houses for Consultants

MnDOT has sponsored short open houses for the consultant community to continue to build relationships and increase awareness of the importance of partnering for the success of MnDOT projects. Open houses have been held for the consultant community with MnDOT Engineering Services and Operation Divisions. Future open houses are anticipated and will include an open house specifically for project managers (see the Events page for Open House notices).

MnDOT & Consultant Community Project Manager Workshop – Understanding Both Sides of the Fence

This workshop was developed by a collaborative group of MnDOT and consultant experts as a result of MnDOT’s Partnership Initiative with the consultant community. As of fall 2015, four workshops with attendance by almost 100 MnDOT and consultant community project managers have been held. Attendance, development and delivery were encouraged and supported by MnDOT’s leadership and the ACEC/MN. This one-day session featured interactive activities and facilitated creative discussion focused on improving relationships by learning about each other’s practices and processes. Additional workshops are planned at regular intervals throughout the year (see the Events page for Workshop Information).