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University Contacts

Auburn University

James Weyhenmeyer, jweyhenmeyer@auburn.edu

Iowa State University

Judy Thomas, jathomas@iastate.edu

Marquette University

Katherine Durben, katherine.durben@marquette.edu

Michigan State University

Gladys Raymond, raymondg@osp.msu.edu

Michigan Technological University

Kelly Kallio, kmkallio@mtu.edu

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (other than Mankato)

Hafiz Munir, hafiz.munir@state.mn.us

Minnesota State University: Mankato

Laura Vostadm, laura.vostad@mnsu.edu

North Dakota State University

Amy Scott, ndsu.research@ndsu.edu

Oklahoma State University

Josh Desmond, josh.desmond@okstate.edu

Texas State University

James Wilde, james.wilde@txstate.edu

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Robin Beach, spa@illinois.edu

University of Minnesota

Beth Andrews, andr0274@umn.edu

University of New Hampshire

Karen Rooney, karen.rooney@unh.edu

University of Pittsburgh

Brian Balich, balich@pitt.edu

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Chelsea Kettler, chelsea.kettler@rsp.wisc.edu

Wayne State University

Karen Tomlinson, karen.tomlinson@wayne.edu

West Virginia University

Katie Stores, katie.stores@mail.wvu.edu

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Office of Materials & Road Research
Jeff Brunner, Jeff.Brunner@state.mn.us

Last updated: June 2020