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Reclamation and Recycling Show Benefits after Three Minnesota Winters

05/26/22, Pavement Preservation Journal

MnDOT Studying ways to Bring Congestion Relief for Drivers

04/26/22, Star Tribune

MnDOT Eyes Cameras, Control Vehicles to Curb Speeding in Work Zones

04/10/22, Star Tribune

Minnesota Drivers may Hit 20 Times the Deer Reported to State

04/01/22, Duluth News Tribune

University of Minnesota Launches New App to Connect Farmers

03/23/22, FOX 9

During Surge of Speeding Drivers, Pedestrian Fatalities were Highest in MN in 5 Years

02/17/22, Pioneer Press

COVID-19 Impacts Speed and Safety on Minnesota Roads

12/30/21, ABC News

U Study Aims to Find if Low-Cost Road Treatments Can Make it Safer for Pedestrians Crossing the Street

10/10/21, Star Tribune

Fad or Future? Examining the Post-Pandemic Outlook for Remote Work and Transportation

09/13/21, Center for Transportation Studies

Minnesota Zoo, MnDOT Partner To Address Dwindling Blanding’s Turtle Population

06/28/21, CBS

The Pandemic Put an End to Rush Hour. What Happens Now?

06/09/21, Wired

MnDOT to Research How Public Transportation Will Rebound After Ridership Decline in 2020

04/23/21, KSTP

Roadside Fences Show Promise for Reducing Minnesota Turtle Fatalities

04/06/21, Star Tribune

A Good Candidate: Road Rescue Project in Minnesota Made for a Cold In-Place Award Winner

02/01/21, Roads & Bridges

New Tech Could Help MnDOT Plows Determine Best Way To Clear Snow Based On Conditions

12/29/20, WCCO

MnDOT Testing Out New Technology for Snow Plow Operators

12/28/20, KSTP

Turtle Deaths on MN Highways are Declining Thanks to New Fences

07/06/20, Pioneer Press

MnDOT Rolls Out Paperless Tech

06/17/20, Finance & Commerce

Wetreflective Pavement Markings Can Help Prevent Crashes

06/17/20, Traffic & Transit

Finding Alternatives to Road Salt as Water Contamination Grows

03/22/20, Star Tribune

MnDOT Study Working to Minimize Construction Impact on Bats

11/01/19, FOX9

Unique Partnership Between Minnesota Zoo and MnDOT Aims to Benefit Wildlife, Drivers

10/18/19, KSTP