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Transportation Research Update is a monthly email newsletter sharing MnDOT’s new and completed research projects.


Current Transportation Research Update (May 2024)

    • Understanding Factors That Influence Driver Yielding to Pedestrians
    • Traffic Safety Evaluation of Pedestrians and Bicyclists at Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons and Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons
    • Evaluation of Traffic Safety for Heavy Commercial Vehicles at Roundabouts
    • Evaluating the Traffic Safety Benefits of J-Turns in Minnesota
    • Enhancing Public Transit with Autonomous Mobility Service to Cover the “Last Mile”
    • Finding High-Performing Aggregate Bases for Long-Lasting Pavement
    • Solutions to Mitigate Dowel/Tie-Bar Propagated Cracking – Phase 1
    • Development of Mix Designs and Matrix of Materials for MnROAD Low Carbon Concrete Test Site
    • How do We Pay for Roads?
    • Administrative Rules and Structures Of Speed Safety Camera Systems
  • NEWS
    • Research Partnership Award Honors Pedestrian Safety Studies
    • Webinar: Resources for Roadway Maintenance Careers in Minnesota
    • Submit Your Paper to the TRB Annual Meeting

Newsletter archive

  • April 2024
    Traffic safety of lane constrictor intersections, J-turns, and retroreflective signal backplates; using GPS to track snowplows, alerting the public about local road closures, measuring liveability
  • February 2024
    The benefits of transportation research, smart signs for work zones, flashing yellow arrows for left turns, making tougher rural roads, new guidebook on ride quality of asphalt pavements
  • January 2024
    Transportation equity, evaluation of speed limit changes, managing drainage issues, making sustainable centerline joints

  • November 2023
    Increasing support for innovative traffic solutions, improving driver yielding to pedestrians at intersections, impact of speed limit changes on driving speeds, impacts of highway improvements on adjacent businesses
  • September 2023
    Optimizing charging infrastructure for electric trucks, strengthening communities with innovative right of way projects, evaluating new slurry and plow equipment
  • August 2023
    Reducing snowplow fuel consumption, enhancing managed lane equity analysis, urban stormwater infrastructure for climate change, influence of autonomous vehicles on Minnesota roads, assessing stormwater ponds for phosphorus retention
  • June 2023
    Improving queue warning system, GFRP-reinforced bridge decks, pedestrian safety systems and winter maintenance, evaluating Minnesota turfgrass list
  • May 2023
    Studies on equity and shared mobility in transportation, possible solar partnership with Red Lake Nation
  • April 2023
    Rural transportation issues, signal timing to save fuel, road diets and pavement rehabilitation 
  • March 2023
    Pedestrian experience at roundabouts, roadside turfgrass mixtures, placement of cable median barriers 

  • December 2022
    Estimating corrosion in concrete bridges, improving pollinator habitats, and economic effects of Complete Streets projects
  • October 2022
    Improving asphalt performance, reality modeling, and road salt alternatives
  • August 2022
    Pandemic impacts on transportation: relieving traffic congestion and the future of WFH 
  • May 2022
    New technology and existing equipment improves statewide vehicle classification counting process, assessing culvert designs, more.
  • February 2022
    MnDOT Announces 2022 Research Projects

  • December 2021
    Using solar panels on noise barriers and snow fencing to capture solar energy, effects of COVID-19 on driver safety, bioslope monitoring, more 
  • July 2021
    Drones for bridge inspection, designing for bikes, evaluating pavement with ground-penetrating radar, more
  • April 2021
    Future vehicle-to-vehicle data streams, improving winter weather road alerts, test for asphalt-mix quality, effect of rapid transit on nearby roads
  • March 2021
    Assessing bridge barriers, rural pedestrian behavior, stormwater treatment for low-volume roads, local guide for bike facility design, more
  • January 2021
    MnDOT Awards Funding to Innovative Research, academic solicitation process 

  • November 2020
    "Sweet streets", stormwater filtration, permeable pavements, hybrid electric utility vehicles for municipal fleets, impacts of teen driver support system, more
  • September 2020
    Pedestrian cross walk treatments, pedestrian-activated crossings, effect of wind on roadside warning sides, whitetopping repair practices, local funding in regional projects
  • March 2020
    Guidance for potential acid-generating materials & the next phase in e-construction 
  • February 2020
    Improving pollinator roadside habitat & reusing water at Minnesota truck stations
  • January - March 2020 (Accelerator)
    New projects announced, asphalt and aggregate, cleaning stormwater and wastewater  

  • November 2019
    Harnessing renewable energy along Minnesota highways
  • October - December 2019 (Accelerator)
    Solar panels on snow fences and noise walls, improving sight lines at intersections, e‑Design for roads by local agencies
  • August - September 2019 (Accelerator)
    Katie Walker is new director of Research & Innovation, preparing for autonomous vehicles, signal control information, gravel roads
  • August 2019
    The Research Services & Library section consisting of research administration and the state transportation library—is now The Office of Research & Innovation.
  • April - June 2019 (Accelerator)
    A-line a success, protecting rebar from corrosion, turfgrass blends for Minnesota
  • January - March 2019 (Accelerator)
    New projects announced, pavement performance, geogrid, asphalt recycling