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Contract Amendments

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Contract Amendment Request Instructions

Items 1-3

Official contract amendments will be executed upon receipt of a signed letter.

  • Time Extension – When the expiration date of the contracts needs to be extended. Please budget time realistically and use this option sparingly. Time extensions affect future funding availability for new projects.
  • Total Contract Dollar Amount Change – If the total amount of dollars for the contract is increasing or decreasing an amendment is needed.
  • Change of Scope – If the scope of the contract is changing significantly from the original contract an amendment is needed.

Items 4-7

An official contract amendment will not be executed; however, an amendment request form must still be completed and returned. This signed amendment request will serve as a "letter to the file."

  • Key Personnel Changes – i.e. Principal Investigator
  • Date Changes - Due dates/deliverable dates change, but the changes will not affect the expiration date of the contract.
  • Lump Sum Contract - If it is a lump sum contract and the breakdown of costs are being adjusted, but the actual lump sum amounts are staying the same.
  • Cost Plus/Hourly Rate/Unit Rate Contract - If it is a cost plus/hourly rate/unit rate contract, and there are minor adjustments between labor and expenses, but the bottom line — total contract amount — remains the same.

Please Note:

  • Contract amendment requests are due six weeks before the contract expires.
  • Use attached template addressed to the MnDOT Research & Innovation finance and contract manager, with a copy to the project coordinator (PC) and technical liaison (TL)
  • The letter must be signed by authorized designee from the university, consultant, or materials lab.
  • If the request is approved, MnDOT will generate an amendment to the work order contract in cases 1-3. In cases 4-7 above, MnDOT will return a signed/approved copy of the amendment request – designated as a "letter to the file."