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Forms & Guidelines

Directions and forms for those conducting or requesting research, as well as guidelines for people participating in research projects, can be found on our Forms & Guidelines webpage.

Training Resources for TAPs and PIs

Technical Advisory Panels : Learn about the different roles of the Technical Advisory Panel, which oversees and executes research projects, in this video series.

Principal Investigators: University researchers can prepare for their role as a principal investigator for MnDOT and Local Road Research Board research projects by watching this webinar series.

MnDOT Research Links

MnDOT Library

The MnDOT Library has been recognized throughout the transportation community as a leader in using innovative techniques and technologies to improve access to transportation information for more than 50 years.


MnROAD is MnDOT's unique, state-of-the-art pavement research facility.

Office of Materials and Road Research

The OMRR conducts research and provides technical assistance to MnDOT staff to advance the state of the practice of pavement design, construction and maintenance.

Office of Maintenance

The Office of Maintenance supports a variety of "on-the-road" research projects designed to spur innovations in maintaining state highways.

Office of Traffic, Safety and Technology

OTST supports research directly related to its mission of increasing the safety of our roadways.

Approved/Qualified Products List

The products on this site have been pre-approved for use on MnDOT projects.

MnDOT Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) Projects

Solicitations and studies from MnDOT in its continued practice of the TPF program.

MnDOT-led Peer Exchanges

Peer exchanges allow state DOTs an opportunity to improve their research programs through peer involvement. MnDOT-hosted peer exchanges have included: Pavement Research (2014); Communicating the Value of Research (2009); Pooled Fund Financial Management (2007).

Local Partners

Minnesota Local Road Research Board (LRRB)

Established in 1959 through state legislation, the Local Road Research Board (LRRB) has sponsored more than 200 individual research projects over the last 15 years. Current LRRB-funded research falls primarily into the following categories: design, construction, maintenance/operations, environmental compatibility, administration, and implementation.

Center for Transportation Studies (CTS)

The Center for Transportation Studies solves old transportation problems in innovative new ways. The Center convenes diverse communities to brainstorm, debate, share, learn, and act. And CTS partners with local and global transportation professionals, stakeholders, businesses, and leaders to move new ideas from research to reality.

National Research Databases

Transportation Research Information Database (TRID)

TRID is an integrated database that combines the records from Transportation Research Board’s Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) Database and the OECD’s Joint Transport Research Centre’s International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) Database. TRID provides access to more than one million records of transportation research worldwide. Watch this seminar to learn how to search the TRID database.

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology coordinates the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) research programs and is charged with advancing the deployment of cross-cutting technologies to improve our Nation’s transportation system.

Transportation Libraries Group Catalog

For Transportation-related books and other materials held in government, university and other transportation libraries.