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Flexible Team

The flexible team is comprised of technical experts in the area of new and rehabilitation of asphalt roadways. Activities include prioritization of short and long term research, development of long term research test sections at MnROAD and providing input to the technology transfer team on what should be marketed.

Phase 2 Project Proposals *updated 4/1/2021*

Email Michael.vrtis@state.mn.us for any meeting invitations.

Subcommittee #1: Reflective Cracking Challenge

Subcommittee #2: Perpetual Pavement Test Sections in Wisconsin and at MnROAD

Subcommittee #3: 2nd Rehabilitation of SFDR / thin overlays

Call for Spray-Applied Rejuvenator Products

The Spray-on Rejuvenator project is seeking vendors to participate in the test sections to test products. Read the call or view the project.

NRRA Flexible Team Efforts

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2019 Synthesis

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2017 Synthesis

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