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NRRA Membership

As a member of the National Road Research Alliance (NRRA), you will be collaborating with other DOTs, private companies, associations and academia to implement cutting edge pavement technologies. Together we will develop tools and methods based on actual performance data to improve design, construction and maintenance of pavements.

"The NRRA allows us to bring proven new technologies, techniques and materials to North Dakota's road network. NRRA is research that pays."
-- Dale C. Heglund, North Dakota State University

We have already saved millions by implementing research results and leveraging $2.5 million in Minnesota construction funding dedicated to the MnROAD facility. MnROAD is and continues to be one of the most sophisticated pavement test facilities of its type in the world. You can join the NRRA at two membership levels: an agency membership and an associate membership.

Agency membership

The NRRA is actively looking for state agency members that are interested in providing input and participating in the decision making needed for future MnROAD construction and research. Members at this level play an important role by setting objectives, goals, and finalizing project selection from project teams. The cost to become an agency member requires a contribution of $150,000/year for states receiving more SPR dollars than Minnesota and $75,000/year for states who receive less than Minnesota. Members are encouraged to join anytime. Phase 1 runs until February 2021, at which time Phase 2 will begin.

Agencies involved in the Veta Pooled Fund also have the option to join at $25,000 annually to continue participating (or at full membership). Those funds will be dedicated only to the Veta study under the Intelligent Construction Technologies team.

Associate membership

The NRRA is looking for academic institutions, private companies and associations that are interested in the development of various research projects. Members at this level play an important role by providing critical input on trends in road research with an emphasis on implementation. Associates advise and assist project teams during the selection and planning of research topics. The cost to become an associate member is $2,000 a year. Members may join at any time with annual renewal.

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We have developed a working document to clarify the roles and responsibilities of Agency and Associate members.